15 Struggles For Those Who Were On Diet Can Relate To

Decided to stay fit and challenged yourself with a diet plan. Ahan! All those who opt for this should be awarded as the strongest people on earth.

Growing up in Pakistan means you are a foodie no matter what. The late night dhabba chai paratha or availing pizza mid night deals to the early mornings halwa puri nashta, how can someone ever resist these. I guess all those who have been through this struggle of dieting can relate to this post.

Some struggles for all my poor yet strong fellows who are or were on dieting:

Everyone will advertise about your dieting:


Your mom freaks out to see you dieting:

giphy (1)

haye!! mera bacha kitna patla hogaya hai !!!

Your siblings will tease you by ordering mid night feast every night


Your dadi’s and nani’s will demotivate you till you don’t quit your diet plan

tumblr_n8csj025BY1t6s70ao4_400 tumblr_n8csj025BY1t6s70ao10_400

Ooo puttar! yeh dieting shieting kuch nahi hoti. 

You will have different sizes of clothes in your closet

giphy (17)

All the family dinners and dawats will be planned while you diet


Birayni, Kebabs, Koftay, Paye, Handi and some desserts.

Your mom will forcibly feed you


Tired of ghanss phuss salads

giphy (11)

Hangouts with friends and you have to order salads


Shakal dehk iski !!!!

When you are frustrated with your dieting routine

giphy (13)

Your never ending cravings

giphy (16)

You envy people who eat without being conscious

giphy (18)

When you pass by an ice cream parlour

giphy (15)

Oh my God!! is that a brownie explosion? 

Even after you diet so hard, you see no change in your weight


And than you decide not to give a damn!






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