Review – Lahori Ink Pret Wear

Lahori Ink is one of the emerging pret-wear brands for women and I recently got this kurti from their interesting collection sent to me by the brand just at the nick of time as the weather in Karachi is extremely hot so it is just the right time to wear lawn dresses.

The Lahori Ink brand asked me to choose a dress of my choice from their nifty and elegant collection of lawn dresses and I opted for this blue and white kurti which was expeditiously delivered to me in nice and good packaging.

The first impression of the dress turned out to be really delightful owing to the light material the dress is made up of and is perfect to be worn during the summers specially in the heatwave which the metropolis, Karachi, is getting during these months.

The kurti along with its catchy stripes-design also has an embroidery of floral design with vibrant colors on the top near the neck making it look even more attractive. Then they have this design on the neck which looks like a choker in your neck making it look very stylish. It also comes with some tassels on the sleeves complimented with an amazing cut and design.

Overall, the fabric of the kurti is very nice and it has some fabulous and stylish cuts with proper and nice stitching making the dress look chic and elegant.

The collection from which this kurti was chosen is named as ‘Dasht’ and the dresses compliment the literal meaning of the collection name which is plain of desert. The design of the kurti is inspired from tuxedos.

The pret-wear brand with its innovative stylish designs and cuts is not only affordable and pocket friendly but also has a vast range of elegant and modern dresses with vibrancy in color choices in their collection so all the pret lovers should visit their Facebook page and give their dresses a try. I am sure you won’t be disappointed. To order please visit the link: Lahori Ink

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