Review – Red Riding Hood Bakery Ferrero Rocher Cake

It was my birthday earlier this month in September and I had plans to order a lip-smacking cake for around 17 to 18 people. I was looking for a reliable bakery or a baker who could make a bigger and tasty cake that everyone would remember on their taste buds for a long time to come. Obviously, I wanted to make my birthday special and a lot of my friends advised me to order from the very much raved bakery of Karachi known for their cakes, Red Riding Hood. Well, the plus point was that they were taking online orders through their website and I heard a lot of good reviews regarding their cakes.

So finally, I decided that I will go for it and their website looked quite reliable. To avoid any hassle or inconvenience, I confirmed my order of 5lbs Ferrero Rocher cake 10 days before my birthday, paying them in advance via my credit card and settling one of the many arrangements I had to make for my birthday feeling relaxed and all organised.

So the big day arrived… MY BIRTHDAY! Guests already came, everything was on point and well organised but there was one thing that was bothering me. I was not contacted by the bakery nor was the cake delivered until late afternoon. When I called the Red Riding Hood bakery helpline, I got to know from their helpline that they had no clue of my order or any delivery to be done on the date. The ground beneath my feet slipped away. My house was full of guests waiting for me to start the celebrations and I had no cake on the tray.

I constantly was calling them, and the lady who was picking up the phone on the landline was not really helpful and said that the online orders are dealt by their management in USA and the time difference from America was another hassle to deal with and finally after my continue complains they called me back and told me the cake would reach me after 7. Well okay, a bit relieved but still was very upset as my guests kept on waiting.

The clock struck 7:30 and the door bell rang. I went out to receive the cake and what I saw was a normal sized box but as I was in hurry I brought it inside and saw the cake was 5lbs but not in broadness but in tallness and the top was spoiled too and without the topping of Ferrero chocolates. I had to fix the presentation myself and it pissed me off so badly that I ordered 5lbs so that I can manage a lot of people in this cake as a smaller tall sized cake can never be distributed among a lot of people, you just cant cut a slice into half. Well, again the nuts were also only layered in the last layer though the cake had 5 to 6 layers in total. Like seriously every thing was spoiled.


The cake itself tasted nice. It was soft, gooey and a perfect treat for chocolate lovers specially the fans of Ferrero Rocher like me.


After the party got over, I messaged them on their Facebook page and complained them regarding all the issues I faced. Next day in the morning, I received an apology call and 2 cupcakes along with the missing Ferrero’s from my cake. Well, nice gesture but that was way too disappointing and enough to ruin my birthday. I hope they learn from their mistakes and do not repeat it. Their ignorance and unprofessional attitude of running business can ruin serious and important events of their customers.


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