Review – Sobremesa Restaurant Karachi

Hey guys, I visited Sobremesa for bloggers meet up and was quite impressed by the ambiance of the restaurant.

Looking at their menu I felt really good as they have lots of variety to serve you unlike other restaurants. It was a pleasure to go through their menu for a foodie like me.Firstly we were served with a variety of appetizers from their menu and I would rank them according to their taste.

1) Gambas De Espana, a Spanish dish of prawns cooked in olive oil with garlic and dry Chillies with the right touch of lemon making it taste divine. I feel it could become their specialty.

2) Graten Del Mar, this dish was a complete balance of Fish, Crabs and Prawns cooked in a creamy sauce. I loved this dish a lot but just it was more on a salty side but over all it was finger licking.

3) Catalan BBQ Sliders, a BBQ minced Beef and cheddar cheese sandwiched between 2 crispy waffle fries. I guess this could be any junk food lover best choice to make at Sobremesa. A dish compiled to compliment every ingredient. This dish can top the rank for children also.

4) Picante, this dish for the Pizza lovers. Deliciously blended with Olives, Mushrooms and Jalapenos.

So these were the appetizers we had and they all were really good and I enjoyed different and innovative dishes so yeah they all fall in that category.

Coming to the main course, I ordered my go-to dish which is a Pepper Steak and it turned out to be really delicious. It was medium cooked and was nice, juicy and tender with the right amount of spices as I love eating spicy food.

It had the perfect balance of flavors and didn’t taste bland unlike steaks from some other restaurants. It was served with some delicious mashed potatoes, sautéed veggies and extra steak sauce (which is the plus point as I kept pouring it on my steak to make it juicier )

And now lets talk about their famous deep-pan pizza which was creating a lot of news now a days so being honest I wasn’t really satisfied with the taste. Other than that it was baked to perfection with loads and loads of cheese. So if you are a cheese lover then you might like it but for me, the flavors were missing out. 

Overall, I had a great experience dining at this restaurant. So yeah I would recommend it all to try their food!

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