Winter Outfit Staples For This Season

Every season brings in a new trend and outfits that keep up with that trend. Winter is (almost) here and we are excited as ever. Pulling up our moisturizing routines, stockings, blankets but when it comes to dressing up every day during winters, it doesn’t come easy. Here is a list of essentials that you might need this season:

1. Long Jackets/Coats: A forever winter trend, but this winter its statement coats are totally in and we cannot help but get ourselves one. Now, you don’t have to reserve them for an evening as this season, they can be worn in the daylight too. In fact, they glint more vibrantly during the day than they ever did at evening. Have a look at some styles: 

2. Cashmere Sweater: There’s no winter without a sweater but a cashmere crew-neck sweater looks chic like no other. The sweater can be worn with a collared shirt or just by itself, and it goes well with jeans, skirts, printed trousers or leather pants.


3. Turtleneck Top: It will not only ensure your neck is warm but also look good on any casual day. You can also wear it with a sleeveless jacket or sweater or simply wear it on its own with a pair of jeans.


4.  Blanket Wrap Shawl: A shawl is an effortless addition to either an eastern or western outfit. There are several ways to wear a wrap, either wrapped around multiple times or thrown on like a cape.

5. Leather Jacket: A definite chic staple, it adds instant edge to any outfit. Wear any casual tee and jeans and top it up with a leather jacket, ta-da your outfit turned from drab to fab!

6. Ankle Boots: It’s not so cold in here, so let’s stick to ankle boots. They are ever so stylish and go with any outfit, and they never happen to become old.

7. Skinny Jeans: To complete any winter top you need a pair of skinny jeans. Though they can be worn throughout the year but during winters, they work best as you can layer on multiple items for extra warmth. These go-to pants can never go wrong.

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