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10 Junk Foods For Any Life Crisis

What do you do when you’re stressed out? The usual is to grab a snack and sit aside and keep overthinking, right? Whether it is a breakup, job interview, a bad day at work/school or a fender mender, we all need a snack to help soothe our soul. Read more to find out which junk food is best for which stressful situation:

  1. Milkshakes: Post Dental Surgery, going to the dentist it already very stressing and if you’ve a tooth extraction, it’s even worse. Well, in this case, the milkshake will help feed your stomach without hurting your mouth! 
  2. Breakups: Ice Cream, when the heart is broken, we should go for a classic. A scoop of comfort food can never go wrong, only if you don’t have some lovey-dovey memories with a certain flavor. 
  3. Late Nights Panic Studying: Pizza, when you party the entire day and open your book late at night, you know you’re totally screwed up. The only comfort food at your rescue is, a cheesy pizza. 
  4. Running Late: Hot Dogs, when you’re short on time, as they’re easy to boil and quick to eat. 
  5. Job Interview Stress: Potato Chips, you’re probably panicking a bit too much. Well, this is the time to sit back and relax, and grab a pack of your favorite potato chips or make them yourself. 
  6. Severe Boredom: Peanut Butter, during boring vacations or on a regular boring Sunday, a peanut butter jar can be at rescue while you don’t wanna move from your couch. 
  7. Anything. Just Anything: Bread, in every other crisis in life, we should reach out for the nearest carb. Which is usually bread, and then relax and remind yourself that everything will be good. 
  8. Visiting Family: French Fries, somewhere between ludo, your Aunt’s awful Nihari and your Uncle’s lame jokes, you want to sneak out and grab some french fries and maybe nuggets too. Or if you’re stuck in the house, you can make them yourself. 
  9. Feeling Blue: Cereal, those days when you don’t wanna get out of bed and the last thing you wanna think is about how to make your next meal, that’s when cereals are at help. Eat them on their own or maybe make donuts using them! 
  10. Bad Dates: Chinese Take Out, if your date is going boring so far, Chinese is just a call away.  



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