10 Trends Hard To Believe We Once Followed!

We have all followed some trends in the past that we now laugh at. Those days of Britney and Miley Cyrus, flared jeans, hair puffs and what not. Remembering those days give us some serious cringes. Hence, we thought maybe we could list down some hilarious trends from our teens and give you a good laugh just for fun:

  1. Platform Flipflops: In the late 90’s to 2000’s we had these flipflops with a pretty huge platform. Come on, you gotta agree that we all wore it once thinking it looked absolutely chic. 
  2. Popped Collars: The time when we all wanted polo t-shirts in our closet. And when we wore them, popping the collar up was a must. Though, our parents considered it a rascal move and often whipped us. 
  3. Wearing a Visor Hat backwards: Visor Hats were quite trendy back then but wearing them backwards and upside down was considered cool. Nobody until now understood what was the purpose of wearing a hat then…
  4. Shiny Shirts: Thanks to Michael Jackson for this one. We all wanted one of these for a night out or most probably a birthday party because without it we didn’t look party-appropriate. Well, these shirts are back but a little sober this time!
  5. Sandals and Socks: For casual wear, it was a must to own one of these sandals. However, wearing them with white socks became a trend  (we still don’t know how and why) that we all laugh at now.
  6. Bright Butterfly Clips: Tiny sections of hair twisted and secured with funky butterfly clips, obviously you remember this one! 
  7. Bright Eye Shadows: If you didn’t have a makeup kit with all the bright colors (that you’d avoid wearing now) in your vanity, then maybe you were a tomboy. Going out without a bright eye makeup was like going out without any makeup at all (if you know what I mean).
  8. Hair Puff: Envying perfect puffs of other girls at school, was just another everyday thing to do. The struggle was real to get that perfect puff and secure it with numerous bobby pins!
  9. Your First Ipod: Not having one iPod in those days made you feel the oddest. That click wheel was actually cool but damn how ugly does this iPod now seem to look!?
  10. Charm Bracelets: This was definitely the best accessory you owned at that time and flaunted whenever you grabbed a new one!

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