11 Mistakes You’re Making With Your BeautyBlender

  1. You only use it for cream makeup: yes, it works wonders for foundation and concealer but that’s not it. You can apply setting powder with it too, this way you can have control over how much product you want to put.
  2. You’re using the sponge dry: alright, most of you probably know this one, but in case you didn’t read the instructions or watch a youtube tutorial, the BB Sponge works best when it’s wet. Trust me, it gives you that dewy finish like no other!

  3. You throw away the package: that plastic package is the perfect air drying station after cleaning your BB. Don’t throw it away.

  4. You’re not cleaning it the right way: even if you clean your beauty blender after each use (not necessary though), but sometimes you’ve to deep clean the little guy. Use anti-bacterial liquid soap or the Blender Cleanser with water and leave your BB in it for a soak. If the stain is really stubborn, pre-treat it with your favorite oil.

  5. You store it the wrong way: the last thing you’d want to do is put a wet sponge in your makeup bag when you’re traveling. DON’T even think about using a plastic bag, it can lead to bacteria. Eww! Instead, use a mesh bag to store your BB so it can breathe.

  6. You’ve no idea which one to purchase: a BB is great for everyone but there are different options available. Here’s what you need to know in order to pick the right one:

  7. You’re not repurposing them: it’s recommended that you replace your BB every 3 months, like a mascara or a toothbrush. But you may later use it for removing stains from clothes or for ombre nail paint.

  8. You’re too aggressive when you wash it: be gentle or you can tear it. Apply the cleanser directly to the areas where needed, pinch the product into the sponge, soak it and then roll it between your palms.

  9. You microwaved it: not so sure where this myth started but don’t act crazy, the BB will not be free of bacteria just by microwaving it.

  10. You’re not bouncing it: many BB lovers refer to it as pouncing the sponge, which is pressing + bouncing the sponge to apply foundation. This movement helps deposit the product onto your skin. It won’t work if you choose to drag your BB on your skin.

  11. You’re not using it to apply moisturizer: just as you apply makeup with a BB, you can apply a moisturizer too. You can apply skin care with it by gently pressing it into your skin. It’s perfect for applying eye creams too because it prevents pulling and tugging at delicate skin.

I love my BeautyBlender, I suppose you do too, hence make sure you treat it right.

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