12 Things You Come Across Only At A Desi Wedding!

No matter which part of the country you’re in, whichever cast you belong to, there are a few things which we only hear at desi weddings. They’re sometimes actually funny but to some point, super annoying too! Attending a desi wedding is no less than a spending a gala time, with loads of food, glamour, music and spectacular commentary on the whole affair. In case you’ve an upcoming wedding to attend, we bring to you a list of things you should prepare yourself to hear:

  1. Usko daikho kitna makeup laga ke aai hai, jaise iski khudki shaadi ho. As long as you know you’re looking good, with no matter how much makeup, that’s ENOUGH.
  2. Bus dua karo khaana acha ho, warna mera aana bekar hoga. Food is life, right?
  3. Buhut koshish ki hai Dulhan ne Sabya Sachi ki copy banwane ki, lekin bari nakaam koshish hai! Well, who doesn’t want to wear Sabya Sachi or something close to it…
  4. Baraat kab aaegi bhai, card pe tou 11.00 pm likha tha? Never believe the timings on the card, NEVER.
  5. Yeh lou, biryani hi nai hai, yeh kia baat hoi. No biryani, no maza,
  6. Ayesha ne wohi kapre pehnay hai na jo Saadia ki shaadi mai pehenay thay? You cannot ever fool aunties with outfits, never ever.
  7. Beta, kia karti ho? Baat pakki tou nai hoi tumhari? As soon as you turn 20 (less or more) be ready to come across aunties in search of a bahu.
  8. Set daikho itna bara, sonay ka tou nai lagta mujhe, kyu Razia? The more the jewellery the greater the doubt of it being gold or not. Told you, never easy to please everyone (I mean aunties).
  9. Beta, you’re next! When the rest are way too excited for you to be next but you just sit there and think how will you even manage to walk in a bridal dress. HOW!?
  10. Tauba, yeh DJ ko bolo bom diggy sun sun kar kaan pakk gaye hai ab! There’s always one song that the DJ is obsessed with and in no time you start to hate it like anything.
  11. Hum tou baraati hai, special table pe baithenge. That grand table you often observe near the stage where there is some extremely special treatment being done for the baraatis, and say to yourself, mera waqt bhi aaega.
  12. Honeymoon pe kahan jaane ka irada hai dono ka? Before the bride and the groom, the guests want to imagine their (entire) honeymoon.

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