3 Viral Beauty Hacks You Should NOT Try

Did you ever meet someone whose life changed by a hack they had seen on their Instagram feed? We think the answer would be never. Which is quite surprising, isn’t it? As Instagram feed is filled with a billion ‘beauty hacks’ for skin brightening, to get rid of acne, dark circles and what not. How come they never really work?

The reason behind these hacks not working is that the vloggers or influencers have no medical backgrounds, hence the hacks do not prove to be as effective as they are portrayed. They often end up harming the skin that further results in weird spots and rashes.

So, before you experiment with another hack, we want you to know which ones aren’t worth trying at home:

1. The Hack: Dental Floss for extracting blackheads

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🔪DIY trick using disposable floss picks and mouthwash. This trick helps to extract whiteheads and blackheads. This hack definitely works❗️If you try it, tag me 🤗 ♥️ ___________ ◾️All you need is a hot towel, floss pick, and toner. ___________ 1️⃣Take a towel and place it in hot water. Take the towel out and make sure it isn’t too hot. Also, make sure that the area is clean and place the towel on the problem area so that the heat will open up the pores. Do this for about 5 mins or so. 2️⃣Take the disposable floss pick and drag it in a scraping motion. This option is cheaper and less likely to scar you than using a metal extractor. Be sure to not over do it. 3️⃣When finished, rinse the area with a mild cleanser. 4️⃣Follow up with a toner (you can use rose water, mouthwash, or your regular toner.) ❗️If you have really sensitive skin don't use mouthwash or do a patch test first. 5️⃣Be sure to moisturize your nose after applying the toner. ———– Tag your bestie ♥️ 👻SNAPCHAT: A_LLURE7 _____________ @hudabeauty @monakattan @alyakattan #hudabeauty #hairmakeupdiary #facemask #skincare #makeuptutorial #fashionarttut #laurag_143 #sukhimann_ #instadaily #instalike #instamood #instafashion #chico #fashion #instamakeup #indianvlogger #indianblogger #desibeautyblog #hudabeauty #allmordernmakeup #melformakeup #hypnaughtymakeup #inssta_makeup #makeupfanatic1 #brian_champagne #makeuptutorial #shimycatsmua #fakeupfix #associationofbeauty #hairmakeupdiary #liveglam #laurag_143 #brian_champagne

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Bitter Truth:

Sorry but the digging and scraping isn’t the best way to get rid of blackheads. Yes, it might take off the minuscule layer and the dead skin cells that any good cleanser can possibly do. However, this hack can leave tiny stripes of small bleeding vessels down your nose. Hence, please leave the blackhead extractions to your dermatologists.


2. The Hack: Deodorant as face primer 

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Deodorant & bio oil?! Before any accusations this is a brand new deodorant I bought 😊 Putting a stick of deodorant on your face may sound ridiculous, but the powdery ingredients can help mattify the face. Also, some natural deodorants include mineral salts that can help dry out zits and bacteria-fighting ingredients that can also curb breakouts. Bio oil- helps diminish the appearance of scars and also helps even out skin tone @clinique 2-1 foundation shade buttermilk @lagirlcosmetics beautiful bronze to contour classic ivory & porcelain mixed for concealer and highlight @benefitcosmetics hola bronzer @anastasiabeverlyhills glow kit that glow @urbandecaycosmetics naked lip pencil & back talk lipstick from there new vice lipstick & liner collection @hudabeauty & @shophudabeauty lashes in Carmen

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Bitter Truth:

Babe, a deodorant keeps your armpits dry, but your face is totally different from your armpit, isn’t it!? A deodorant contains aluminum salts and some strong fragrances that can be reactive to your face and cause redness, flaky patches and acne. Please make use of a proper primer but NOT a deodorant.


3. The Hack: Lemon and Baking Soda to brighten armpits

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Brighten underarms (elbows & knees) with lemon & baking soda 🍋🍋🍋 I almost didn't post this tutorial as it was very uncomfortable for me to film since I'm still self-conscious about my pits, but after all my goal is to share beauty hacks that have helped me. My skin is 3 shades lighter than when I 1st started this treatment 6 months ago. ♨️🚫Pls do not try this after shaving or wax. Wait 2 days as it will burn or even scar ur skin. It will burn a bit at first, but if burning continues & ur skin shows any sign of reaction pls wash it asap & discontinue its use. (My pits were waxed few days before & I still felt a slight burn, but once dried it was fine) 🍋lemon is natural bleach & baking soda exfoliates by removing dead skin. By @oliveskinbeauty #diy #diyremedies #remedies @homeabguide

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Bitter Truth

Well, congratulations you’ve ideally created a mixture that can possibly burn the depths of your skin! The sugar scrubbing causes micro tears and irritation, plus the combination of lemon and baking soda can prove to be quite acidic for your skin. It will severely irritate your skin and leave your skin burning.

Lets not take risks which such hacks and leave them JUST on our newsfeed – where they actually belong. Trust the doctors, they can help us way better about what is good for our skin and what is not.



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