5 Steps On How To Make Your Foundation Last All Day

Well, makeup addicts know that there is nothing worse than putting on a perfect base in the morning, only to find it cracking by lunchtime and your entire makeup looks anything but flawless. It is definitely not any less scarier than a day-mare.

So, how can you make it last long and look flawless all day? All you’ve to do is follow these (baby) steps and there you’ll be flaunting your foundation and praising us…

Step 1 – Your skin needs Moisture 

Yes, you NEED to exfoliate and moisturize your skin on daily basis. Your skin needs to be clean and hydrated in order for the foundation to glide on smoothly without getting patchy.

Our top picks for Moisturizers are:



Step 2 – Prep and prime 

Primer, as the name suggests, it primes your face for you and its main responsibility is to hold your foundation in place. It smooths the texture of your skin: blurs the imperfections, fills the pores and lines. If you are in a hurry, you can mix the primer with your foundation, this will give you a natural finish.

Our top picks for Primers:

Step 3 – Apply Translucent Powder before you apply the foundation

Some beauty bloggers follow this trick and the results, definitely pulled us to follow it too! Put on a layer of powder before applying your foundation for an even application and you will also end up using less of the product.

Our top picks for Translucent Powder:

Step 4 – Beauty blender > Brush

It has been proved that the beauty blender is more effective than the brush, it helps blend the product into your skin, without making it look cake-y.

Step 5 – Don’t forget to spritz (Spray) your face

The MOST easiest task to make your foundation last all day. There are a variety of sprays to choose from, they are categorized according to different skin types. You can always do this in a moving car, while walking or dancing, it just doesn’t require much time.

Our top picks for Sprays:

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