5 Steps To A Perfect Pout!

Well, who wouldn’t want to achieve a perfect lip? However, we believe that the struggle is real and nearly impossible to achieve one. Yes, it may not be so simple but, all you have to follow are some simple steps to get it right:

Step 1 – Moisturize well

Prepare your lips for the lipstick. Use a lip balm, Vaseline and work it into your lips. It is preferred to scrub your lips well every night and then apply the ones listed above, before you go to bed.

Step 2 – Conceal-line it 

The concealer you use under your eyes or to hide spots, can also be used around your lips. Preferably use a concealer pencil and trace around the outside of your lips to get a definitive line. This will further help you put your lip liner.

Step 3 – Line That Lip

Now trace your lip liner inside the outer line you traced, this way you won’t go wrong with the liner (NEVER). This way you can create your own desired lip shape, or even add some definition by contouring.

Step 4 – Fill That In

Now, choose the shade you want to go for, whether with matte or sheen finish. Apply it quickly or if you wanna go in neater, it is always safe to use a lip brush. Make sure you fill in all edges and focus on your cupid’s bow.

Step 5 – Final Touch

Don’t consider it done, we’re born with perfection within us, right girls? All that’s left is to blend that concealer line if it’s obvious. Oh and also mush your lips together in order to press in the lipstick and help it last all day long.

Ta-da you’re ready to slay!




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