5 Things To Keep In Mind This Lawn Season!

Which women, while living in one of the top 10 cities of Pakistan, hasn’t been yet been infected with the Lawn Virus in her live!? Clearly, none. The virus can be shown in ways like, ending up with an empty wallet, being mangled in a stampede at the store or being stuck in a crazy traffic jam around the outlets. With all these things in mind, we still go nutty over every lawn that launches. However, later we realize we spent way too much or maybe got the wrong style for ourselves. To avoid all regrets, note a few things before you head out:


  1. Don’t ever compromise on the Quality: Your foremost priority should be the quality so that it can last the entire summer season (considering how long it is in Pakistan). Hence, look for a brand that ensures good quality and won’t disappoint you. Just a tip, lawn brands that make their own cloth and design it too, are most likely to have good quality.
  2. Look for Limited Editions: You don’t want to wear the same print as most of the ladies out there. Don’t go for the most common ones. Look for the limited editions so you’ve fewer ladies wearing the same print as your’s.
  3. Choose your Colors wisely: We all know that it’s pretty hot in our country, almost 3/4th of the year (or even more), so you wouldn’t wanna choose boring colors that are so-not-summer. Look for colors that are vibrant, summery, cool and all that gives you some serious summer vibes.
  4. Opt for Intricate Embroidery: All those huge patches of embroidery that don’t even do justice to the print, are a big NO. Find something that is intricate and adds to the beautiful-ness of the dress. Something that makes you drool over every little detail in it, yeah, you’re getting there.
  5. Style it Your Way: You don’t have to necessarily follow the style given in the catalog. You can get it stitched the way you like it, use your creativeness, and style it on your own. You could maybe get the printed cloth for the shirt stitched as the pant instead. Trust me, everything becomes a trend, you just need to step up!

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Nageen Marfani

Written by Nageen Marfani

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