5 Things You Need To Stop Doing That Are Making Your Acne Worse!

Some want to give you acne advice for free and the rest charge you for it. But even after following all the right steps you still end up with acne. why is that? This so because you’re unaware of the basic things that you’re doing wrong, which in return are causing acne. It is about time to realize and get rid of these habits:

  1. You Don’t Clean Your Phone: You’re probably unaware of the fact that there’s more dirt on your phone than on a toilet seat. Yeah, I heard that yuck but, I swear it’s true. This doesn’t just transfer bacteria onto your face but the dirt and makeup on your phone screen can clog your pores. And I think you figured out what’s next, PIMPLES. To avoid this, carry antibacterial wipes in your bag and clean your phone screen often.
  2. Stop Touching Your Face Unnecessarily: It is said, on average, we touch our face about three times and even more. However, we fail to realize, all we’re doing by this is transferring unwanted dirt and oils to our face, and the outcome would be again clogged pores leading to blemishes. Now go and make a promise to not touch your face unnecessarily, and if you ever have to, make sure you wash your hands well before doing so.
  3. You Aren’t Washing Your Pillowcase As Often As You Should be: You need to wash it weekly and if you aren’t, then you’re just letting it collect bacteria. dirt and oily residues from your skin. Avoid using certain types of reactive laundry detergents or softeners that could cause irritation on skin and lead to acne. Similar case with makeup brushes and face towels, you need to wash them often to get rid of bacteria.
  4. You Aren’t Paying Attention To Your Diet: What we eat effects our body, and of course our skin too. Do proper research and find out what products can lead to severe skin problems. Dairy products come in line, as cow milk is high in proteins, it can trigger acne, hence, switch to other types of milk. Moreover, fried items, shrimps, dried fruits and milk chocolates (I’m so sorry) can cause some serious acne.
  5. You’re Taking Way Too Much Stress: Little do we realize that stressing over every little thing can actually lead to something as bad as acne. It is due to the excess release of stress hormone cortisol. Hence, invest your time in activities that don’t cause you stress but make you feel relaxed and relieved. Skin over stress, honey!

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Nageen Marfani

Written by Nageen Marfani

Nageen Marfani is an enigmatic Google certified blogger and is a regular writer for one of the leading news organizations of the world, the Huffington Post. She is trained under Huda Kattan (Huda Beauty). Her online magazine features the trending gossips, highlights, reviews and interviews of the leading happenings, celebrities and events related to fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and food.

She is an avid lover of makeup and loves travelling. Her work and achievements has brought Nageen acclaim from renowned international celebrities.


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