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5 Types Of Drivers We Encounter On A Road

Driving doesn’t come easy but when it does, it takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. You come across different kinds of drivers that either piss you off, entertain you or even haunt you. The road is simply a stage of drivers who are playing different roles. Find out more about those roles:


  1. The racers: Seems like they have a permanent role in the movie Fast & Furious. All they wanna do is speed, speed and speed even more. They don’t realize how prone they are to accidents, hence, it is better to stay away from such drivers unless you’re one of them.
  2. The snails: The absolute opposite of the racers. They simply don’t care about the cars lining up behind them, waiting for their car to move a little more. You just feel like getting off your car and pushing them to speed up. All you need is patience here, and wait for a clear chance to overtake.
  3. The honkers:  Drivers who cannot stop blowing their horns unnecessarily are really very annoying. It seems like they let out a curse with every horn. What should you do? Ignore till you can or else honk back!
  4. The stoppers: Drivers who find it okay to randomly stop in the middle of the road, can piss you off faster than anything (or anyone) else. Even if it is something important, you gotta stop on the side or in the service lane. Baap ka road nai hai meri jaan.
  5. Poor parkers: In other words, Anari parkers, who have no sense of parking. They will mark in the middle of the road, take up two parking slots, or simply block the way for others. Why you do this!?

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