5 Ways In Which You Can Budget-Shop

Okay so you cannot deny the fact that you love to shop, right? Right. But the hardest part is to shop but in your BUDGET! Shopping on a budget means you’ve to decide before hand how much you’ve to spend and then (try to) stay in those limits. But sadly, it never goes that easy, you plan that you’d save from the very next month but that month never arrives!? Then my friend, you’re in serious crisis.

Make A Budget 

Starting with the very obvious yet the most important, you need to figure out how much your income is and then budget for essentials. Make sure you note down all your expenses in order of importance. And then comes the leftover (ouch that hurts)  for shopping. Lady, if you’re spending more than you earn, you’re in trouble!

Make A List Or Don’t Go At All

Letting all the ‘Makes’ come first as I cannot emphasize on how important they’re. Dude, if you’re heading out without a list, you’ll for sure spend (way) more than you SHOULD. So, make a list and get just what you’re in need of. It’s hard but I know you can do it, my friend.

Pay Cash, Keep That Card Back Inside 

It is said that when you use credit cards, you tend to spend more (and cross their credit limit). So, with cash it is easier to decide what amount you should keep aside to finance this month. This way you won’t be easily tempted to buy something expensive (maybe tho). Remember that the credit card is only for ‘real’ emergencies, and unnecessary online shopping ain’t one!

Hold Yourself Back From Temptations 

Whenever you go for shopping whether alone or with friends/family, there’s always something you tend to fall in love with. It could be a particular lip color, a pair of shoes or a top, that you can’t resist buying. At times, you’re way too taken by advertisements in which that product looks too appealing. It might be worth getting or the total opposite hence, think wisely whether you REALLY need it, and will you actually wear it? After you’ve thought wisely only then buy it or just get over it (like you did with your ex). You already know this one’s the toughest, don’t you? But babe you gotta do this.

Open Your Laptop And Shop Online                                                              

With the increasing convenience of all your favorite stores having an online store too, it has become easier to watch out for sales and/or new collections. Having a huge variety to choose from, also cheaper options, vouchers and all, lead us to make wiser choices. However, be aware of shipping charges and make sure even if there are any, they’re totally worth it!

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