6 Reasons Why Your Skin Has Been Acting Dry

Dry skin, how familiar does not sound to you? Well, we often blame the frequent (or not so frequent) changes in our skin types to a multiple factors but the main one being the, WEATHER. Is it often one of the biggest reason? Well, not really. Hence, we have found out a handful of reasons for you to rescue your skin from all that (unnecessary) dryness:

  1. You’re Using Anti-Aging Products: And they contain Retinol. Most of us aren’t aware of the ingredients of a particular product or even if we are, we don’t know how much of it is bad for our skin. One of those product ranges is the anti-aging range, they contain Retinol. The ingredient causes dry, scaly skin and often flakiness too, as it helps reveal the brighter layer of skin underneath the top one.
  2. You’re Using A Wrong Setting Spray: Yes, even a setting spray is to be bought according to your skin type as they all work accordingly. These sprays basically act as hairsprays on the face and can often cause dryness on the face. This is so because they contain alcohol, hence, try finding yourself an alcohol-free setting spray to avoid such consequences.
  3. You’re Using Way Too Much Powder: You’ve been blaming your skin care or probably the weather, while the truth is that you’re using too much powder to cover (all that dryness cause by the powder only). Hence, avoid using too much powder if you’ve dry skin (or if you’re skin is lately acting dry), switch to a translucent, which is a safer option for all types.
  4. You Should Stop Overmasking: Skin care routine is definitely a must but, anything done excessively reverses the preferred outcome. Make sure you’re using a mask that is for dry and senstive skin because usually masks with ingredients like charcoal or clay, do clear your skin but also rip off essential oils from your skin,
  5. You Aren’t Exfoliating Often: A must must must, if you’ve flaky skin. Yes, you need to get rid of all those flakes, and that even by exfoliating your skin properly but while not being too harsh. Look for a creamy or nonabrasive scrub to do so.
  6. You’re Using Makeup That Is Matte or Oil-Free: Everything matte, just like that blogger’s face,’ can do obvious harm to your (dry) skin which is need of some oils to make your makeup look flawless and last long. Give up on your matte foundation and move to a radiant finish one, or if that’s a risky thing to do for you, switch to a good moisturizer to mix in with.

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