6 Things About Lingerie Hygiene Which You Should Know

Admit it, we all want to be sassy with that special one and to spice things up, we all need some amazing and good-looking sets of lingerie. Other than that, wearing proper undergarments inside makes one feel more confident about yourself.

Today, we will be discussing the six things which you should be knowing about lingerie hygiene to stay healthy and attractive at the same time.


Let Her Breath

Not only is tight-hugging underwear often uncomfortable when worn for long periods of time, it’s also not the healthiest situation for you because it limits airflow. And just as important as well-fitting undies are those made with the right material.

Use a Skin-Friendly Laundry Detergent

You should be treating your skin down there as sensitively as possible. Use only the detergent which is made for sensitive skin and is free from dyes and perfumes. You should never bleach it as well as not only does it break down the fibers of the cloth and wear your underwear out faster, it can also expose you to chemicals when it interacts with elastic that can cause an allergic reaction on the skin.

Change Them

I know this is an obvious one but in addition to changing them daily, you should avoid sitting too long in a damp pair on a sweaty summer afternoon—or worse, post-workout, if you’re prone to yeast infections. Whether you’re prone to infection or not, use dampness as a cue to send your undies to the laundry basket. It’s also important to note that lingerie has a shelf life. Once the elastic is failed and they’re not staying in place and causing extra rubbing and shifting around, it’s time to throw them out and get some new ones.

Study the Stains

If you are grossed out, then you shouldn’t be. You don’t have to get that up close and personal with your unmentionables, but you should be paying attention because your discharge can tell you a lot about your health and whether things are working as they should down under.

Think Before You Thong

Due to the nature of the design, thongs can potentially promote transmission of colon bacteria. A good general rule of thumb: limit your thong use to when you really need to wear them.

Know When to Go Bare

You’ve probably wondered whether going commando is safe for your lady bits. Turns out, it is—if you’re comfortable sans that little layer between you and, well, everything else. But there are a few instances where skipping underwear is not in your best interest. Your safest bet is relaxing undie-free at bedtime. In fact, it’s sometimes a healthier option at night.

Where to Buy?

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