6 Things Girls Who Love Makeup Have To Hear

  1. Why do you have to wear makeup everyday? Well, how is that even bothering anyone else other than the person wearing it!? We wear it because it makes us ‘feel’ pretty and we like it this way. Also, why do you even care? Go and ask yourself why don’t you wear it! 
  2. That must take you forever to do. We’ve been applying makeup since long and now it hardly takes 15 minutes but a little longer for some extra glam. But how does that even bother you because it’s not like we’re taking your time? 
  3. Are you actually sick or tired or you aren’t wearing any makeup today? Nope, neither sick nor tired. At times, the alarm clock doesn’t go off and we run short on time to cover eye bags and brighten up our eyes. But whatever, thanks for making us feel like crap about our natural face. Also, we are aware of the fact that we do look ‘different’ without makeup. 
  4. You don’t need makeup. Yes, we know. We know that very well. Makeup is a form of art and we should all be aware of this fact. Hence, creating different looks and trying new products gives us satisfaction. Yes, we do love ourselves in our skin and we are not insecure about it, rather we wear makeup because it is our passion. 
  5. You’re wearing too much makeup. For us there’s less of makeup but never more of it. After all, it’s my face and my makeup that I used. “You’re not wearing enough though,” should be the perfect comeback.           
  6. Didn’t you’ve acne? Well you dumbo, those weird lumps on my skin that are covered in foundation is acne. And yes, we are aware that makeup isn’t a solution to acne, but at least appreciate how flawlessly we cover that acne!                                                                                                                     

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