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8 Times The Pakistani Entertainment Let Us Down In 2018

  1. ‘Aangan’ has kept us all waiting  We all are played this time, Aangan has almost kept us waiting the entire year. First, the pictures came out, then the teasers and now, the drama is again delayed til the 20th of December. Man, we’re still eager to watch it!
  2. ‘Ishq Tamasha’ actually made ‘Ishq Ka Tamasha’ The drama really lingered on and the more we excepted from it the more it kind of ruined our concepts of love and marriage.
  3. ‘Romeo Weds Heer’ – a horrible comeback We were definitely expecting more after seeing the phenomenal pair of Sana Javed and Feroze Khan in Khaani. The comedy if simply not up to the standard, all in all, this drama is a HUGE disappointment.
  4. Ko Ko Korina The fiasco simply took over the internet like CRAZY. We loved the entire theme of this song, their outfits, their expressions and of course, those sunnies! However, it was such a torture to listen to it but, we had to, only to receive discounts by some restaurants, haha.
  5. Kubra Khan to replace Sanam Baloch in drama Alif There were such rumors that cause a little budge and we all were left in shook. Not to forget, we’re really  excited to see these three together.
  6. Zun Mureed was yet another disappointment We expected much better from Nadia Khan after seeing her impactful role in drama serial ‘Tanhaiyan’. We definitely loved the concept of the drama but it just dragged on for a bit too long.
  7. Some terrible movie releases Well, the trailer was direful so we didn’t build up much of expectations. And when the movie actually came out, it only attracted a handful of audience. Man, this one was badly put off by film critics.
  8.  And some more… Yeh wajood mai bhi kyu aai? We simply couldn’t figure out the purpose of this movie, this was simply a huge disappointment. Also, just a food for thought, Javed Sheikh is a common actor in both the films, ahem.

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