9 DIY Makeup Storage Ideas

Is there anything that feels quite as satisfying as having an organised makeup area? Well, I don’t think so. The pleasure of having all your color-codded lipsticks in a row, makeup brushes in a cute canister, and all palettes perfectly aligned, just makes us wanna paint our face more often. But, organizing your life and organizing makeup, both don’t come easy. So, how can a makeup lover go about it? Get creative! Here are some brilliant and easy storage ideas at your rescue:


  1. Organized Makeup Brush Display:                                                                                                                        Those creative makeup brush displays on Instagram have never failed to melt our hearts. It is about time to organize all the brushes rolling around in the drawer, clean them and display them in a trendy way. All you need is a glass bowl, a handful of decorative stones and your favorite makeup brushes to make this pretty brush display.
  2. Magnetic Makeup Board:                                                                                                                                We often forget what products we’ve as they’re piled on top of each other, and just grab and use those on the top. But here’s an end to this problem, with the magnetic board you can easily find what you want to use. All you need is a metal plate frame, stick magnets on the back of your essential makeup products, stick them and voila! Plus point is that these frames also serve as awesome wall art.
  3. Mason Jar Storage:                                                                        We all love mason jars don’t we? But did you know that you could even use them for makeup storage? Here’s how you can: get a customized board with holders in which you can insert your mason jars. Also, you can hang them creatively with strings or use them as brush holders. Add your Qtips, cotton pads, sponges, liquid lipsticks and whatever you like.
  4. Foam Box:                                                                                                  Apart from using floral foam for flower arrangements, you can make a box out of it. Next, make holes according to the makeup products you want to display. And voila, you’ve colorful makeup storage that will look gorgeous on your table.
  5. Old Plastic Bottles:                                                                                                   Instead of throwing away those plastic bottles, bring them to use by and transform them into cute and colorful makeup holders.
  6. Sushi Mat:                                                                                             Don’t own a brush pouch or need a new one? Here’s how you can make an inexpensive brush organizer and that even a travel friendly one, by using a sushi mat.
  7. Re-purposed Candle Jar Storage:                                                                                                   Don’t know what to do with your candle jars once they finishe? Well, you can bring them to use by first cleaning them, then glue them together forming a pyramid and here you just created your own makeup storage. You can also make decorate the lids and cover the jars you want.
  8. Towel Rods + Baskets/Pails:                                                                             Did you know that those extra towel rods can be brought to use by hanging cute baskets and pails for your brushes, hair essentials, body creams, nail colors and also other makeup products.
  9. Vintage Bundt Pan:                                                                            Here’s how you can add some vintage touch to your vanity by bringing an old Bundt pan. You can add all your daily-use makeup products and in the center, you can also keep your brushes and tweezers.

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