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Alkanooz – Passion For Design And Decor



Alkanooz was born in 2010 as a result of passion to design house wares, home décor and a fine variety of miscellaneous items in crafted metal and wood. The inspiration was drawn to invoke the skills of variety of artisans around the globe.

Alkanooz was launched with faith and confidence in Artisans and their craftsmanship. The word “Alkanooz” means The Treasures – the treasures that belong to the House of Alkanooz are unique in their creativity, ingenuity, and design of global artists.

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Further to fulfilling customers’ aspirations, for a majestic and modern world, we scouted the globe to blend new with traditional ideas.  Working on this concept, many artisans were engaged to produce discrete items which are not only practical but at the same time are rare display of art, design, and quality.


Keeping in mind today’s frantic lifestyle we have developed a complete on-line store to provide a unique shopping experience in the comfort of your home. All our customers, around the world have displayed their immense confidence while making a purchase thinking “it’s a place to discover” the rarity.

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Another objective of Alkanooz is to provide many artisans a platform where they as purveyor of quality products can be recognised. They have the ability to transcend ideas into meaningful creations. All of these craftsmen work diligently and take pride in their work – it is their inherited skill from their fore-fathers.


Alkanooz was formally launched on 16th of March, 2016 and among notable guests were Ex Mrs.Governor Parveen Sarwar and US consulate general Mr. Eric Martini.  It took me six years from conception of my idea to its inception. . I always had and will have the desire and passion to help the less privileged in our society.  We as a nation are very resilient people, but we lack the direction, motivation and inspiration as they say





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Variety of Hand crafted items were presented in the form of Wood, Metal and Glass.  It was attended by many from all walks of life and made me feel proud of my efforts in delivering the hard work of my craftsmen who have worked diligently for that.  The quality of work was highly appreciated and every little detail was carefully observed for perfection.


Believing in my work and trusting that through Alkanooz I will be able to make a difference in many craftsmen’s lives where they are trusted and honored for their efforts.  Taking my country’s craft to other parts of the world is really my dream and all the efforts are geared in that direction.  Already, I have made little progress and very hopeful of submitting it to masses all over the world one day.

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What we are lacking?  Truly, Pakistan’s rich cultural diversity provides an ample opportunity for the visitors to draw their attention to an aspiring creativity of its people.  One strong marketing tool is missing out of the picture that is to

Make Local Think Global”


Constantly working on ramshackle ideas from concept to design will actually result in the downfall of not only demand but also supply of craft.  We need to focus on updating ourselves not only in design, but also in manufacturing and selling.  Keeping abreast of new ideas, techniques and specifications of today’s world is very crucial for survival in a competitive world.

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In a nut shell let’s all contribute at our level best for our country and serve it with pride and confidence as owners of its heritage and culture.  I will end with one of my favorite quotes from Quaid-e-Azam which I truly practice:

I don’t believe in taking the right


take a decision and make it


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