All You Need To Know Before Getting A Piercing!

We all tend to get piercings at one point of time in our lives, and usually earlobe piercings are our very first ones. In most cases, they are quicker and pain-free, however, when we decide to get piercings elsewhere, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Hence, to make sure to avoid infection(s) or pain after getting a piercing, here’s all you need to consider:

Quality > Everything else

The MOST important is a good quality piercing accessory. The preferable types of metal are Titanium, Gold and Stainless Steel. It is said to avoid Silver, as it causes irritation when you initially get your piercing done but it’s totally okay to wear it later on. Wait for at least 3 months before you switch to another accessory.

Research before you go

Find out about the piercing parlors or shops in your area, read up reviews on the social media or ask your friends and relatives about their experiences. Once that is done, decide which parlor is worth opting for.

Ice baby, ice

Ice is simply the best thing you can do for swelling around your piercing. And that’s a super handy tip if you’ve to travel right after and don’t want the piercing to enlarge. Yup, ice it is, before anything else!

Aftercare you can’t afford to miss

You need to clean it like you clean the rest of your body. Preferably, twice a day, with a Saline solution or any other solution provided by the parlor. If you’re making your own saline solution, make sure to use good quality salt ad lukewarm water. Dip a cotton pad in the solution and gently clean the area around your piercing for about 5 minutes.

Don’t, I repeat DON’T touch it!

Touching it can increase chances of infection as it disrupts the healing process. Trust me, it’s only a myth that you should keep moving your piercing in order to not let your skin fuse into it. This isn’t the case in any way, hence, keep your hands off and don’t fidget.






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