Amin Iqbal’s Deedan Has the Critics in Awe.

We all witnessed the buzz online concerning one of the most visually flamboyant scenes encountered in
Deedan’s recent episode that has stunned the critics and viewers not only across Pakistan but overseas
as well. We are certain, the director of the play; Amin Iqbal tackled the visuals with a heavy dose of
adrenaline in attempts of achieving the unmatched intensity.

— crammed with stylized staging and action zooms that’ve set the standards quite high for the drama
industry in Pakistan, director; Amin Iqbal has really outdone himself, he managed to overload his frames
with a gripping display of emotions and colorized content, Not to mention, a great chunk of the serial
was shot in the backdrop of the arresting views of the phenomenal Hunza Valley, a tourist destination
that encapsulates the essence of Pakistan’s Beauty, and has done wonders for the country’s aesthetical
image. This distinct approach witnessed in drama direction has certainly expanded the capacity of
directional dexterity that most serials may have lacked in the past. Deedan has attempted to glorify
violence as an art form, in a way that serves to be, not only aesthetically entertaining but enriching from
an educational point of view; Be it social awareness or cinematic enlightenment, you are destined to
learn a thing or two upon diving into the ultimate Deedan experience. Heart wrenching Moments
assimilated with montages that add to the rich culture-centric tone of the script, however, I reiterate,
Deedan is not a demonstration of style over substance, which is one of the most impressive aspects of
the serial, it is in fact one of the most powerful plays in the history of Pakistani drama, encapsulating the
essence of social pressure and societal influence encountered in the rural areas of Pakistan and the
consequences of an ignorant existence, and with leading names like Sanam Saeed and Mohib Mirza in
Pakistan’s Film industry playing protagonists, we see that justice has been served to what the script
essentially required in ways one can’t imagine. Moreover, Minsa Malik, a fresh face that has won the
hearts of the viewers adapts the role of the protagonist playing a village girl who was previously
attempting to sustain a meagre existence in a suppressed setting, who has now been exposed to the
lucrative life of glamour and opulence. This is an integral role that has impressed us with the choice of
talent, kudos to A-Plus entertainment and the Director, Amin Iqbal.

Deedan is not a commercially stylized narrative, what most people fail to understand, is the essence of
the art that is not serving the purpose of mere entertainment- Of course, multiple forums have landed
upon the conclusion that Deedan is an experience, educational but arresting beyond measure. The
narratives ability to instill a sense of fluid excitement despite its tragic undertones, is undeniable. The
dramatic outbursts and Violent shots accentuate the experience. We couldn’t help but notice the
meticulous camera work, from the contrasts with shifting of backgrounds, whether it be something as
simple as a dialogue exchange or a dramatic zoom, you know what they say, Static is never the status
quo. Critics have gone as far as saying that Deedan might just be their favorite directorial work, It is the
attention to the powerful substance and the commendable direction style that accentuates the subdued
yet thrilling tone of the play that’s made it such a worldwide success. From guns, to blood, it gives you
all the Tarantino style violence that has been missing in Local dramas.

The direction is such, that the emotions are captured so scrupulously in ways that deeply penetrate
through the hearts of the audience. Not to mention, Deedan has been trending across YouTube and
managed to clinch over a million views on most of the episodes released so far. The charts are rather impressive, and it has been reassuring to encounter a series that essentially endeavors to spread
awareness with such directorial finesse and powerful substance.
A plus Entertainment has changed the game with the commendable success of the utterly Epic
narrative; Deedan. And let me tell you, if you are not watching the serial, you are absolutely missing out
on some serious thrill.

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