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Bursting Diet myths; one at a time!

The 21st century is defined by its increased productivity and challenges that call for a lifestyle that waits for no one. There’s no time to dwell around in a stagnant mindset which does not call for self-improvement or personal betterment. Instead, the primary focus of the young generation for the past few decades is to have a solid footing in the chaotic environment categorized as the urge to seek success, money, and fame. An anchored position in such a society demands a constant hustle and longer and tougher working or study hours, and it is at the expense of our mind and body which suffers due to a toxic work-life balance.


The ‘Obesity’ epidemic is on a rise, and it is rightfully for the doctors and nutritionists to blame the unhealthy lifestyles for it. Too many of us are overweight or on a verge of it, and diabetes, cardiac problems, and high blood pressure are just your common diseases found in every household. Hundreds of thousands of rupees are spent annually looking for ways to manage these issues without making an effort to identify the root causes.


A complete disregard for natural and organic food and replacing them with artificial and processed ingredients is what has brought about this epidemic. In the aftermath of it, you come across several people trying to make changes and drop down the extra kilos for the sake of their appearances; and a little too many times, it backfires.


The drastic changes often backfire when executed without a clear direction and thoughtful research. The ongoing trend of detox plans and 21-day crash diets are very damaging to both the mind and body.  Losing weight should be more than for just appearances, and instead should focus more on making lifestyle changes that would not call for restrictions and deprivations.

Here are the following concepts that you should revise before you head on to take up another diet plan again:

1. Ditch the diet plan: One of the best ways to lose weight is to ditch the dieting mentality and instead make healthier lifestyle choices and sticking with them. People are more prone to falling off the wagon when they restrict themselves from their favorite foods; hence creating a sense of deprivation, eventually leading to a relapse.

One great alternative is to exercise Portion control and adopt ‘calorie in calories out’ (CICO) method. Although, it is important to note that these methods may not work for everyone, however, their credibility is worth mentioning.


2. Calories know no time: Whoever tells you that your calories automatically turn into fat deposits after 8 in the evening is not at all a well-informed person. Calories do not discriminate and the bodily processes function the same way in the morning, noon, and at night. However, this tactic is often used to help people ditch the late night snacking, and even though it might work for some, it is still false news. So do your research people.


3. Carbs make you fat: Carbohydrates do not make you fat. Period. What does is the extra calories consumed.  A calorie surplus in your body is responsible for making you fat and not the carbs, fats, or even sugars. Besides, you’ll find carbohydrates in edibles like vegetables, legumes, beans, and fruits; which are all an essential part of a healthy diet. So the biggest culprit here isn’t the carbs or the pasta or the rice, instead, it is the volume consumed that can make a major difference. So pair up your favorite pasta dish with tons of leafy green salads to add fiber and volume to your food to keep you full for longer.


4. You can outrun a heavy meal: Sorry to burst your bubble, however, you really can’t exercise off a deep dish pizza or that lava cakes you had last night. Scratch that, you can if you’re ready to do 1000 squats or 500 burpees after that meal. You can definitely try.

The truth is, you are what you eat. Losing weight is 80% about what you’re eating and 20% about the physical exertion. So if you are thinking of burning 600 calories in an hour and then treating yourself to a cheeseburger, a fat loss won’t be coming about any time soon.


There are several more diet myths are need to be addressed, however, these ones were the most crucial in helping understand why your weight loss wasn’t coming that easy.

Leave your thoughts done in the comments below and let us know more about your diet struggles.

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