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Chop Chop Wok Review – Pan Asian Restaurant in Karachi

Hey readers, I recently had a chance to visit the much-hyped eatery, Chop Chop Wok, in Karachi so I am bringing you the exciting review of the restaurant. This small eatery which started off from Khadda Market, DHA couple of years ago mainly as a delivery restaurant with just few benches for people to dine-in expanded with its second outlet opening in the Saba Commercial of the same DHA area. This joint is slightly bigger than the original one and the management has also expanded the menu.

The restaurant interior is extremely nice and the moment you enter it, you would feel you are roaming in the streets of Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore as the aroma of all the exclusive spices and sauces fill you up making you crave to quickly order and dig into the food. Their kitchen is open and can be seen from the sitting area clearly so you can see them showing their expertise on the wok which enhances the experience.


The menu is very creative and different. You get to choose your base from six options: Jasmine Rice, Brown Rice, Rice Vermicelli, Egg Noodles, Rice Noodles and Soba Noodles. Then you get to choose from a wide variety of flavors: Thai, Cantonese, Pan Asian (My Favorite), Oriental, Japanese and Vietnamese. Once you have made both the selections, you have to choose the meat for your meal which can be one of these or a combination for an added price: Chicken, Beef, Prawns, Fish and Tofu.


They also offer starters including their very famous BBQ Sticky Wings and soups. Other than that, they have some more variety of food such as the very famous Malaysian Nasi Goreng and Laksa. They also serve Thai Red and Green Curries and their Chili Prawn and Calamari is also very famous.

Coming to the order, I ordered Chicken Tom Yum soups as I was with family. We also ordered BBQ Sticky Wings. I decided to order Jasmine Rice with Chicken and Prawns Pan Asian sauce while the other order included Jasmine Rice with Chicken and Prawns Oriental Sauce and Rice Noodles with Prawns and Fish Pan Asian Sauce. We also ordered an iced tea and a mint lemonade.

The soups were served pretty quickly while their servers were on their toes and were very helpful and nice. Their manager kept on coming again and again to ask if we have any problems and also shared his culinary experiences with us.

The chicken tom yum soup was perfect. For those who don’t know, it is very spicy and watery and also has mushroom. It did bring tears to my eyes but the tears of joy :’) Trust me it was that good.


Right after the soup, they served the appetizer which were their famous sticky BBQ wings and I must say that the taste justified the hype. The wings had a very balanced taste between spice and sweetness and had a great topping of BBQ sauce. They also served the Malaysian Sambal sauce and roasted peanuts with the appetizer and food taking the food taste and authenticity to another level.


The meal was served in very good looking bowls and they also served chopsticks along with the normal cutlery. I took the first bite and couldn’t stop until I finished the bowl clean. I just have one word for the food: Amazing.

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The rice and meat had perfect spices and you wouldn’t feel the difference of whether you are eating in Karachi or in Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. The food has exactly the same spices, chilies and taste.

The mint lemonade was also very good but the mint was slightly more powerful than it should have been. Iced tea on the other hand was very refreshing and balanced. They also serve fried ice cream but I was so stuffed that I had no courage to order any desserts after the meal.


For all those who would be going there, please take a note that they only take cash and no credit/debit cards. I suggest everyone reading this review in Karachi specially those who love spicy food to give Chop Chop Wok a try as it is a wonderful restaurant with amazing food.

PS. Please keep in mind that both their branches are small so usually they have a waiting time of 15-20 minutes but it is worth it.

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