Colored Lash Extensions Are The New Thing!

Yes you heard that right! The colored eyelash extensions are the new way of making your eyes POP. At first, it only seemed like an ‘internet trend’, one that we could never think of following, however, now one cannot help but drool over these.

The trend actually started with these Mermaid Lash Extensions! 

BUT, you gotta believe it, they actually make your eyes look pretty cool in a way a colored mascara nor a pair of colored faux lashes can help you achieve.

You can definitely opt for any color of your choice and the amount of colored lashes to be applied in proportion to the black ones. If you’re daring enough like many instagrammers, you can also go for a customized multicolored look.

Damn girls, purple and red can never go wrong. Not even with lash extensions….

This trend is for sure going with us in the New Year so, don’t worry you have plenty of time to try it out and play with some colors. The process takes a bit long, so do keep that in mind once you book your appointment at a salon. May you flaunt them like no other!

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