Dermacol Foundation – Yay or Nay?

Full coverage? Extra full coverage?

Yes, that’s Dermacol foundation I am talking about. It has been claimed that this foundation is the highest full coverage foundation in the world but the question is if it’s really true?

Upon a lot of great reviews, I had to buy and try this foundation and one of the reason is my imperfect skin which needs high coverage to hide my acne scars which can be pretty stubborn at times.

Okay, lets come to the crucial time when I had to choose the shade for myself. Mainly Dermacol has pink under toned shades which 70 to 80% are not meant for Asian skin tones so it gets hard to choose. According to my observation, the only colours which would suit most of us are 210, 218, 221, 222, 223 and 224. Which can also be mixed with other shades in terms to get the perfect match.

Finally ordered 2 colours which were 218 and 210 but 218 probably suited me well so I had to sell the other one to a friend. My excitement was out of control once it got delivered to me and the very first thing I did was to swatch the foundation hoping to find my holy grail and I was super shocked with the results, it was amazingly pigmented and I was flying lol.

This was the time I quickly applied it on my face to give it a shot but guys, oops! be careful you just need a pea size product to cover up the whole face.

Let’s talk about how did it turn out. This foundation is quite oily as you apply it on your face it will feel immensely heavy on your skin like ugh! Your skin will beg to breathe. It also demands a lot of blending which is the best cardio for many 😉 and hassle and time consuming for others. The foundation will cover up your skin properly but I still feel that the foundation is a bit translucent and my acne scars were still visible. The foundation will give you a super shiny and dewy look but that doesn’t look good all the time, probably more than the dewy finish it will give you an oily effect after some time if you don’t set it up properly. Yes! creasing is also a problem with this one.

The other irritating thing about the foundation is it’s unbelievably water proof formula. It’s good to have a water proof foundation but not as sticky and stubborn which will take hours for you to remove and even after removing it with the best makeup remover you’ll still feel the stickiness on your face as if the foundation is still sitting on your skin and I always end up scrubbing my skin after the use so in short, it ruins my skin. Another bad news this foundation caused me severe acne like SEVERE, I don’t know if it clogs your pores or the super oily formula triggers it but this foundation didn’t work for me at all. It’s uselessly sitting in my stash now.

Let’s check out a quick demo (Read the captions carefully for more understanding):

Applied a generous amount of foundation to cover up my tattoo. Blended with a beauty blender.
1st layer of foundation after blending.
2nd layer of foundation after blending.
3rd layer of foundation applied with fingers only without blending.
3rd layer of foundation blended with a beauty blender.

Result: Not satisfied with the results and the hassle it gives you. I also tried using it as a concealer but had to quit due to the number of breakouts I got.

For best results: This formula might be a dream come true for all those who own dry skin though I own one too but my problem is the acne. So yeah it might work for you if you have clearer and dryer skin.

But if you have oily skin then you need to set it up well with any translucent powder and in case of any acne set it up with full coverage compact. I hope this review might help you and clear the misconceptions.

PS. Tattoo courtesy: Divine Exclusive – Temporary Tattoos (My favourite)

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Nageen Marfani

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