Dupe Alert! The Balm Marry Lou Manizer vs Elf Baked Highlighter In MoonLight Pearls

I often relate makeup with mouth watering Nutella brownies or the chocolate fudge cakes as makeup equally gives me the pleasure as they do and the moment you start eating/doing it, it becomes quite hard to stop yourself.

It’s never enough for me to buy or try new products but as everyone have their favourites I have mine too.

As a cupcake is incomplete without it frosting, the same way makeup is incomplete without a highlighter. HIGHLIGHTER !!! Yes! My obsessions with highlighters will never going to end trust me.



We all have our favourites and wish to buy a lot of them but staying in budget is also a major concern. Today I am going to compare the two most raved highlighters, as a lot of bloggers and YouTubers claim they have nearly the same result but a massive difference in pricing. Ill compare the highlighters one by one for your ease. The first Highlighter we have is

The Balm Marry Lou Manizer:


Honestly when I first saw the packaging, I only wanted to buy it for that super cute vintage packaging without caring for the results. The packaging is just too cute to resist and not finishing yet the container is quite of a good quality and It’s also important to say that it has a huge mirror, earning a proper and permanent place in my everyday makeup bag. Really. Why do some makeup companies make compacts without mirrors? How can you guys be so heartless?

Plus you get 8.5 grams product thats enough for me to last a life time. Now coming up to the result. Have you ever been to mars and take a look over the earth from there or if any human is visible? No? Well if you apply this highlighter anyone from mars can detect you. Oh yes baby! Its so super pigmented … Damn! Nothing beats this highlighter. It comes with a champagne colour exactly the shade I need to compliment my skin. I believe it will suit a lot of skin tones from fair to wheatish complexions and note down ladies just a tiny little amount works to make anyone blind. Apply it with a fan brush or a highlighting brush and blend it nicely into your skin or else it will be obvious on your skin and will end up making your pores look bigger. This product is so versatile … it helps me as a highlighter to enhance my cheek bones, cupid bows, my inner corners and my brow bone. For me it works the best! *THUMPS UP*

Elf Baked Highlighter In Moonlight Pearls:


As I heard a lot about this highlighter as the best dupe for Mary Lou Manizer I thought I should give it a try what if it works the same and if I can save some bucks in the future. (Though Marry Lou is a long time investment) but still incase I tried it. Well being a little disappointed with the product in sense it’s a real struggle to get the product on your brush. For a very long time I applied the product with my fingers that too when I used to rub my fingers a lot on the product. But later I figured out a technique which I will be sharing it on my Snapchat: vogue_amour

But as a result Elf is more of a natural glowy look which I prefer for daily use so yeah the product works well incase you like a subtle nature glow. It comes on a round plastic container which is quite reasonable. Coming to the quantity Yes! its enough for a long term but I am still not sure if it will end for a longer time with the help of the trick I apply it. So yeah stay tuned to my blog as after using the product more, I can come up with a conclusion over the time duration it can last you.

So for me personally I prefer Marry Lou Manizer more but ofcourse Elf highlighter is a good deal by staying in budget. I hope the comparison might have helped you a lot to make the decision. Happy Shopping Girls! <3

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Nageen Marfani

Written by Nageen Marfani

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