Exclusive Interview With Master Chef 2015 Winner Simon Wood

Simon Wood is an ambitious chef who won the MasterChef Champion 2015. Currently the Executive Chef at Oldham Athletic where he have developed a ‘Simon Wood Menu’. He also host regularly culinary events at the Event Centre, and bi-monthly he will be creating bespoke menus for food lovers to enjoy in ‘Dining with Simon Wood’. He have trained with Marcus Wareing Restaurants, Theo Randall and Simon Rimmer’s Greens Vegetarian Restaurant.

NM: Was yours a conscious decision to become a chef or did you find you fell into it?

SW: Being a chef is something I’ve always wanted to do, I just happened to start a little later in life.

NM: Do you find it a challenge to constantly innovate?

SW:  No, this is essential and one of the best things about being a chef, new ideas and new dishes are what its all about.


NM: What were your favourite foodie discoveries from your Master chef experience? 

SW:  Cooking over fire like in Sweden.

NM: What was the biggest challenge that the contestants had to overcome on Master Chefs

SW: Nervousness and having confidence in yourself, also cameras and cooking to an audience were scary at times!


NM: You experienced a few different culinary eras in The Master Chef’s. If you had to go back in time which period would you choose and who would you like to cook for? 

SW: I’d like to cook for Winston Churchill, I cooked for his family and I think it would be something he would enjoy.

NM: What’s the modern kitchen gadget you couldn’t live without? 

SW: Without any doubt my ThermoMix.

 NM: You’ve got a jam-packed schedule with restaurants to run and TV shows in the UK and the US. Do you find to time cook on your day off?

SW:  I do sometime yes, but its nice to go out and enjoy good food as well.


NM: what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

SW:  I’d Say it was a Horse Goulash in Italy, although it was incredibly good.

NM: What are your top 5 ingredients in your signature cooking? 

SW:  Herbs, Spices, Aromatics, Love and Care.

NM: Simon, what are your 5 favourite places to eat Asian food in the world?

SW: I’ve never been to Asia but I would say, Malaysia, Japan, China, Singapore, Hong Kong.


NM: What advice would you give home chefs who are inspired by your style of cookery? 

SW: Always practice and Practice, never stop trying to be better.

NM: Your experience with Vogue Amour?

SW: A pleasure to give interview to this growing e-magazine and blog!

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