Exclusive Interview With Qirat Baber (MUA) – Q/A Session

It’s never enough to fill up yourself with some makeup dose and today to fulfil your crave we have Qirat Baber with us who is trained under the very famous Huda Kattan, Dress your face( Tamanna Roashan), Illamasqua, Natasha’s Salon, Anam falak and Maria’s institute and salon.


So typical mainstream questions in an interview becomes boring for all the makeup maniacs. We try to bring a different Q/A session with Qirat Baber to solve and educate you all with your concerns and most asked questions.


NM: Starting with the 1st core step of makeup, THE PRIMER. Flawless skin and making your makeup stick to your face is a real struggle. So let us all know which primer Qirat prefers and how important a primer is?

QB: Primers are extremely important; people think of them as gimmicks but it’s actually not. They are the base of your makeup, they help with sealing your pores it also functions as a primary layer of coverage, smoothing out any nicks,  it softens your skin, makes your makeup look a lot more smoother, it makes your makeup stay a lot more longer, you name and the benefit is there. Absolutely loving the smashbox photo finish primer and dr brandt pores no more these days and in drug store nyx angel veil.

NM: Everyone is full of imperfections, but hiding them is what a makeup artist is known for. What foundation you prefer for oily and dry skins?

QB: When it comes to foundations is quite tricky because every foundation reacts differently on every skin type. As for both dry and oily skin types, I love the Makeup forever hd foundation, Chanel perfection lumeiere and from drug store bourjouis healthy mix are my favorite. Talking about super oily skin, I absolutely love the Massarrat Misbah foundations.


NM: Women’s favourite cardio: BLENDING! In your opinion how important is it to contour your face and what tips and techniques you can suggest to the beginners?

QB: Contouring to be honest is personal preference, some people really like it and some people just don’t get the point of it. I personally cannot live without contouring my face, its an essential for me. Contouring and highlighting gives a shape a dimension to your face. Best is to suck your cheeks in feel where your hollows are and start xx

NM: Well my mantra is: Eat – Sleep – Highlight. Your favourite Highlighter to be visible from mars?

 QB: Ahh its hard to choose but my recent favourite has to be Ofras highlighter in rodeo drive and from drug store Sleek’s solstice palette.

NM: Promoting our own brands is one of the best thing we could do and make it easier for others to buy reasonable and reachable products. Any Pakistani local brand which you use or can recommend it to our followers.

QB: I am loving the spirit these days, so proud and so happy that some of our locals are doing such a great job and coming out with something good every other day, I love the foundation from Massarat Misbah, they have to be one of the best I have used, recently I was sent pairs of lashes from Salwa Admaney and The lash bar and I loved them! Theyre actually better than some of the international brands.



NM: As said by Mr. Saint Laurent, “The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” So of course we women prefer makeup over anything. So Qirat tell us about which international brands attract your money the most?

QB: Every single day I come across new brands and new innovations, some of my favorite international brands are Makeup forever, Morphe, Too faced cosmetics, Tarte and yes been loving Kylie Jenners liquid lipsticks, ahh I think I can go on and on.

NM: How to satisfy our never ending crave for makeup palettes? The most versatile makeup palette you have ever come across? Might help us spending some unnecessary bucks!

QB: It’s extremely HARD to control yourself, you asked the wrong person specially when a new palette takes a birth every single day but my most favourite is the Too Faced chocolate bar palette, I swear by it!

NM: Even on a bad day, women never forget to wear a lipstick. Your kind of favourite lipsticks and shades?

QB: I cant even walk out of my house without a lipstick! I love liquid lipsticks; they stay put the entire day. I mostly like pinks every kind of pink is my shade, hehe!


NM: For all this makeup craze, you need a healthy skin which can handle all your makeup drama well. Qirat, please let us know your skin care routine? And skin care products you recommend for acne pored skin.

QB: Id just say in order for your makeup to look nice, you should have a perfect canvas to work on.  Drink lots of water, I have recently added coconut water to my daily to dos and it has definitely changed my skin. I am acne proned oily and sensitive and I am digging into all the home remedies possible. Cinnamon powder and honey mask really helps with calming your skin down and also been using the Kiehls dark spot treatment which has made my marks come down to 40% so a yes yes to that!

NM: Gorgeous hair is the best revenge … oh yeah!  Let’s find out what hair care routine Qirat follows?

 QB: I honestly have no hair routine. I just make sure I don’t wash them every single day cause washing them a lot makes them sensitive and also cause your hair needs its own generated oil. Coconut oil, egg, yoghurt really helps nourish them.


NM: Beauty is something about staying comfortable with in your zone so in the end we would like to know about your signature look?

QB: I don’t have a signature look that I stamp on every face. I create a different look for every different face. I only believe in enhancing the features and not caking up too much! Making people look more youthful and comfortable with their own self. I like my makeup extremely blended and subtle.

NM: Wrapping up this session with your comments over your experience with Vogue Amour?

QB: Absolutely love how dedicated you guys are with your work, it was a pleasure!

So hope you guys enjoyed this session with Qirat Baber and if you wish to get dolled up by her, here’s her page link: Makeup By Qirat Baber

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