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Exclusive Interview With Sara’s Henna (Pioneer Of White Henna)

Sara is an international award winning henna artist and a former TEDx speaker, leading Sara’s Henna all over Hong kong, UAE and Pakistan. She is the pioneer of white henna and yes I recently got an opportunity to work with her and experience her white henna. Trust me guys, it was beyond my expectations! She knows her work better than all and delivers the best for you to satisfy your craze for henna.  I am so happy and glad that I worked with her. I highly recommend everyone to get this white henna from Sara for Eid 2K16. I am sure she won’t leave you disappointed, in fact, it will make your Eid way more special. Guys, hurry up! She is taking bookings for Eid.


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Below is our exclusive interview with her so you can get all the information you need to know and the pictures in the post are of my own hands which looked amazingly beautiful after Sara’s white henna.

NM: Hello Sara and welcome to Vogue Amour. Please enlighten our readers that how did you get into this profession?

SH: Henna has been my passion and hobby since I was 6/7 years old. When I started applying it in Hong Kong at fairs and events, I saw that there was a huge market for it, so decided to quit my full time job and pursue my passion, turning it into my career! Never looked back since then!


NM: Who was your inspiration?

SH: My biggest inspiration has always been my parents! My mum is an incredible henna artist herself (she’s the one I learnt from), and my dad is a motivational speaker and trainer; so he has always pushed us to go after our dreams!

NM: Did you get any professional training or pursued any courses for this art?

SH: Nope! Never taken any professional courses or training! I did however win a ticket to an International Henna Conference in Los Angeles two years back, so I attended several workshops there. Inshallah, will be going back as a teacher at that conference this year!


NM: Which are the famous celebrities you worked with?

SH: I’ve worked with quite a few Hong Kong local celebrities, but my biggest claim to fame would be hennaing the Royal Highness of Ajmaan at their royal palace! As well as hennaing the global beauty guru Huda Kattan / known as Huda Beauty! She was one who got this white henna trend going for me as she was the first person who endorsed my White Henna when I launched it in Dubai!

NM: Tell us all about your henna?

SH: Well my henna is 100% natural and organic. I make all my henna myself at home using pure fresh powder sent from India and US, mixing it with pure essential oils to give it a rich stain and beautiful fragrance.

The other types of “henna art” that I do is UV henna/ White Henna and Jaguar (blue-black) All the henna that I use is completely safe and chemical free, using FDA approved ingredients and materials!


NM: The differences between the White and regular henna?

SH: Henna/Mehndi in its pure form is always just one colour: brown. Mehndi can never be in any other colour and if you ever see black/red/colourful mehndi that means it’s not actually mehndi. They are chemically based mehndi that are crazy harmful for you! So henna is just a natural brown colour, that starts off in an orange hue, and matures into a deep red maroon colour over 48 hours.

White Henna is a name given to a form of Body art that is done using henna designs (hence why the name). It has absolutely NO MEHENDI! White henna is made using FDA approved body paints and medical adhesives. White henna once applied it stays on your skin as it is. It’s waterproof however it will come off using makeup wipes and by rubbing it.
So I repeat – this is not real mehndi.

IMG-20160630-WA0017.jpg (1)

NM: What mistakes to avoid while choosing your Mehndi/Henna?

SH: Please stay away from the chemical filled/ emergency/ fast cones!!! I can’t emphasize enough just how bad they are for your skin! They are filled with pod and other chemicals that are toxic for your body. Stay away from:

– Henna that peels off
– Henna that leaves a dark color within 10 mins! (natural henna always takes  48 hours to mature in color)
– Henna that smells like petrol
– Henna that is jelly like: red and black
– Henna that comes out in any other colour except for a greenish brown.

NM: Your future plans in this profession.

SH:  I plan to open Karachi’s first ever official Henna studio: workshops/gallery/bridal studio in the near future In sha Allah!:) In the meantime, I plan to continue traveling and expanding my business in Pakistan and USA.


NM: Where and how people can contact you for your bookings?

SH: I am often in between Karachi, Dubai and Hong Kong. Best way to get in touch with me is via email: I will
currently be in Karachi for upcoming EID and will be taking bookings for the first time in Pakistan!! Email me for more info.

 NM: Your experience with Vogue Amour by Nageen?

 SH: Loved meeting up with Nageen for this interview! She was a super generous host and a joy to work with. Very professional and prepared; qualities that I really admire, especially in Karachi!!:) Love her blog and I am honoured to be featured here!


Henna Tatto’s:


Adding on something more beautiful Sara is going to launch her Henna Tattoo’s.

Oh My God!! They are just more than perfect, easy to apply, amazing alternate for the henna and woaahh so beautiful they look. They can easily make you droll over it. They are easily available with Sara.

Sara’s Henna Facebook Page:

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