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Exclusive Interview With Simra Sheikh (MUA)


Simra Sheikh is a 19-year old makeup artist of Pakistan and she has been practicing makeup for the past four years now. She is trained under Anam Falak (famous international makeup artist), Tamanna Roshan (Dress Your Face), Natasha Khalid (Natasha’s Salon) and Saba Ansari (Sabs). Here we present you some interesting question and answer session with Simra, hope you all enjoy!

NM: What made you choose makeup as your career?

SS: Makeup was never my best hobby but I fell for it at the age of 15, I think the first ever product I started using was a lipstick and a foundation on its own. I had acne, still, hits me at times but oh well, so for that I just wanted to cover my blemishes and flaws and that developed my interest in products related to covering and concealing my blemishes and marks. Why did I decide to choose makeup as my career? Well let’s say I had a phase in my life a while back where I would just feeling low and wasted my time and to get out of that I did what I could do best, turned out I could do amazing art with makeup, I decided to take some courses and do better at what I can do best. The love for makeup and cosmetic brands kept growing in me, the passion was something extra, more than usual and it happened!

Makeup is my work, it helped me stand up, helped me in my hardest times and now is my passion. They say, people who love their work are lucky. Guess I am one of them. Alhamdulillah!

NM: How would you describe your signature look and what’s in it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?

SS: The ArtistrybySimra signature look is more of a mixture of cultural look with new trends and a modern touch to it. It has the details of eye makeup mixed with hints of color and glitters to it. The other “So Simra Style” is the face routine I manage to make, consists of primers, foundations, concealer a good blush and that highlight everyone’s dying for. The key for flawless makeup is blending be it eyes or face makeup you just need to blend well, I understand why they say “blending is the best cardio” lol! My mom has always been a critic when it comes to makeup, she’d always tell me to fix the foundation and concealer base and that only got better with time. When I start doing makeup for my clients I make sure I take time and blend their foundation and concealer well on their face. I guess that’s one thing that I’m proud of the most.


NM: What is one thing that anyone can do to be their most beautiful selves?

SS: I think for someone to be their most beautiful selves is to be confident, they should be confident in their own skin. If someone says you put a lot of makeup on, you should say yes I do! I do because it gives me confidence!

It’s never easy to put your skills and your face out there in public as soon as you’re in the public eye you start being judged for a lot of things, the way you look, the way you speak, even the way you eat! All you’ve to do is be strong and be confident!

I’m grateful for such lovely friends in my life, they’re my support system they keep motivating me they push me to do well and even better after every criticism which people throw my way.

Wear your smile, put your head up and just be confident, trust me you’ll rule the world!

NM: Tell us about your own launched highlighters and translucent powders?

SS: About one and half year back I wanted to create my very own brand, it took a lot of time seeing it and planning it each day of the year, having one thing in my mind which was “BeeWitched Beauty” (my brand name) I made it happen, I launched my very own brand with the most pigmented highlighters and pro long wear translucent setting powders.
I’m successfully running my brand now, with such an amazing response.

Right now we’re only selling pro highlighters in “BeeGoddess” and prolong wear translucent setting powders. Being the sole founder, creator of this brand and its products gives me strength and the ability to believe that nothing is impossible. I dreamt about it and I made it happen!

I’m happy to be announcing that I’m making products under the name of my brand “BeeWitched Beauty” and promising to offer the best quality cruelty-free/vegan cosmetics.



NM: What are the newly introduced techniques and trends in makeup world?

SS: I’m happy to see how makeup artistry and cosmetic industries have stepped up their game and are coming out with such amazing products for us to use along with these products they’re also bringing out new trends and techniques into makeup world.

Started off with a bronzing powder that turned into contouring, my best trend of all time!

And so is highlighting along with illumination/ striving technique. These three are my key techniques I can’t honestly live without contouring and highlighting.

Then comes eyebrows and full lips (lip contouring) Oh Lord! These new trends have made life so much easier. You can’t just go about them without praising each one of them.

NM: Are you planning to conduct any master class?

SS: Yes, I have previously given 6 days and 3 days basic to modern trends of makeup master classes along with one on one individual courses and they were such amazing experiences having such amazing students to teach. Soon I’m traveling from Karachi to another within Pakistan for another 5 days course. Having high hopes with that as well!


NM: The mistakes women should avoid while grooming themselves?

SS: Okay so I’ve been asked this question quite often, “how do you manage to get such flawless coverage on your face?” And when I ask them about their face routine most of them tell me they don’t use setting powders after their foundations. Well, darling setting your face with powders is the key to flawless skin and making your makeup last! And some even ask how do you cover your blemishes or dark circles and again when I ask them about their face routine they tell me they don’t use concealers. Umm no love, please buy a concealer in order to fix your makeup coverage. These two are the frequently asked questions and I suggest everyone should take notes on their details.

NM: Your favorite pitch black eyeliner for a perfect winged liner?

SS: My favorite pitch black eyeliner is by Rimmel London’s “exaggerate liquid liner”. It works best for me and whenever I want to use it on my clients this liner is my go to.



NM: Your most recommended liquid lipstick brand?

SS: Ah! Well, this is a hard one. I’m in love with Kylie Jenner’s Kylie cosmetics lipsticks but I also like Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lipsticks the formula is fantastic for them.

NM: Your favorite skin care products?

SS: I’ve oily skin prone to acne and I’m mostly trying out natural remedies like; turmeric powder, almond powder, cinnamon powder, chickpea flour and sandalwood powder mixed together diluted with yogurt or rose water and I apply this once or twice a week, this helps control the oil on my face also helps me get rid of acne scars.

Other than that I’m using burt’s bees natural acne solutions targeted spot and that has definitely helped me get rid of acne and acne marks.


NM: Your experience with Vogue Amour?

SS: I must say it has been an amazing experience working with you guys, such dedication and love. Thank you so much.

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