Fashion Tips On How To Make Waist Look Smaller

Half of the world’s population is looking for a solution that is nowhere to be found. Doesn’t matter if you like the runway look or you follow the curvy movement, a small waist is needed in most of the beauty standards of our modern reality. While we can’t offer you a permanent solution (you’ll just have to exercise and eat healthy to keep your body fit), we can surely pass on the top 9 fashion tips on how to make your waist look smaller.



1. Color Coding

Why is colour such an important theme when it comes to fashion? Designers and brands spend hours on picking just the right shade for their design, and it’s not always about the trends. Sometimes, it’s also about the fit.

Here’s the deal. Light colors will make you appear bigger than you actually are. Dark colors, on the contrary, will make you look smaller. So, the best ways of showing off a small waist would be wearing a monochrome dark color dress or separates. If your top and bottom are of different colors, make sure the top is darker.

Another trick you can do is wear dresses with black cut-outs around the waist area, especially on the sides. There are many dresses out there with black side panels, and they’ve been designed for a special purpose; to make the customer look slimmer.

If you’re going with color blocking, make sure the lines are on the top and/or the bottom of your waist. Again, make sure the color of the waist area is darker than the rest.

2. Play with Prints

It’s not just about colours; some prints are a complete taboo, if you need to make your waist look smaller. Do not ever wear horizontal stripes, they will make you look fuller. Pick vertical ones or make sure the shirt you’ve liked is really an exception and counter-affects your figure in some miraculous way.

Your stylist would also advise you to avoid small prints and large polka dots. These are the standard prints that fall into the slimmer or fuller categories. If you’re in love with a different print we have not covered here, we’re afraid you’ll have to act based on your intuition, the mirror in front of you, and an honest friend.

3. Silhouettes

Watching your silhouette can make wonders to how your waist looks. Forget traditional waistlines, go with higher or lower waistlines to alter your silhouette.
Some clothing pieces are strongly fitted and structured: ever heard of wonder blazers? Dior usually makes some of the best fitted blazers, but you can, of course, find much more affordable options. These blazers are perfectly structured in the shoulder and hip area, thus making your waist appear smaller in comparison. A trick worth testing!

4. Accessories Are Game Changers

Some accessories like wide belts can do the same trick of a fitted blazer. The good news is that our fashion experience has gotten so rich, that you can dare to wear a wide belt over anything, even over a cardigan; you can still pull it off like a pro.

Plan B. If you don’t want your waist to make the news this evening, distract the viewers’ attention by investing in brightly colored jewelry, scarves or handbags. Let your waist area go behind the scenes and continue the show with the accessories.

5. When Wearing Oversized Clothes

One of the hottest trends at the moment, oversized clothing can’t make your waist look smaller, but it will definitely conceal the problem. Sweaters, T-shirts, baggy buttoned shirts and, most importantly, the poncho! These are some of the ways you can play the oversized card for your benefit. The only rule is to accentuate your legs by wearing skinny jeans, black leggings or high heels. Otherwise, you might end up looking like Santa on a vacation.

6. Short Blazers

You see, blazers were probably invented for the purpose of making us look fitter, because here’s another fashion trick including the good old blazer. Blazers get wider on the bottom, so a short blazer will conceal your waist, letting the attention flow right onto your legs. If you can get your hands on a glam fur jacket, that will be the best of both words (short blazer + oversized).

7. High-Waist Bottoms

Are you concerned about that tummy? Or do you wish someone or something could just hold your waist together while you look all self-confident and sophisticated on a date? You need a nice pair of high-waist jeans.

Denim is a very firm fabric, which means it will look structured on your body and will not give away the flaws it’s hiding. Once you make it high-waist, you basically increase the area this fashion beast can cover. Same goes for fitted, high-waist shorts and skirts. Keep in mind to pick firm fabrics, otherwise your outfit might result in a baggy look, which is the exact opposite of what we’re trying to accomplish.

8. Wrap Dresses

Due to the V-cut, a wrap dress will make you look thinner, no matter where your issue of insecurity is located. Thanks to the wrap, your shoulders get more exposure and the belt sets a clear border before your waist starts. Some dresses might differ depending on the fabric that has been used, but they are overall a very helpful emergency dress to own.

9. High Heels

Ever heard the phrase “I’m not full, I’m just tall?” Practically, you can still be full-looking even if you’re tall, but visually, your height will compensate your waist. That is why there is a reason why high heels are still in fashion. Once you step up on them, they make your body look slick, your legs elongated, and your waist smaller. It’s also hard work walking around on heels, which is why many muscles of your body are working while you stand or walk. Flats, on the other hand, will make your body look shorter and your waist fuller.

Get the best results from this trick by wearing nude colors for high heels. The closer the color is to your skin tone, the more naturally they make you taller (as if they are extensions to your awesome legs).

Are you happy with these tricks? Lose no time and start testing. In the meantime, remember that these are short-term solutions to your problem. If you want your waist to look a certain way, you should eat healthy and exercise to get the desired effect. If not, learn to love your own body, because we are all unique. No one ever said all waists should look the same, because that’s boring, isn’t it?

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