Review – Fresh Oven Bites Nutella Brownies

Sweet cravings are a human necessity. Specially for someone like me who are always up for something sweet. So I came across this page ” FRESH OVEN BITES ” and saw some reviews over the page. The reviews triggered me to give the Nutella brownies a try. (Best decision ever)


The best part about the brand is the owner Nazia Sadiq delivers you fresh brownies. Taking pre-orders and also if you wish to place an order early in the morning she will get it delivered to your door step the same day. Some fresh brownies right out of  the oven, HEAVEN! 😀

So coming to the Nutella Brownies they were fresh & out of this world! As you sink your teeth into the crisp chocolate exterior before hitting the soft hot gooey brownies you enter the world of heaven. No Jokes! This does gives you a heaven on earth feeling even before you take a whole bite. (I already crave for them now *teary eyes*)

These are one of the best brownies I have tasted and that too at very reasonable rates. The little crisp topping of Nutella chocolate and the fresh, hot gooey brownies. NO ONE CAN RESIST! Not everyone in my family is a fan of nutella specially the adults but can you believe they all had it and started craving for these brownies as soon as they got finished! It was truly truly mouth-watering and finger-licking. A complete pleasure and satisfaction to your sweet-tooth.


Adding on the brownies were also really well presented with a ribbon. Seriously this can be a perfect gift for someone. Proper professional presentation, very impressed. I really appreciate the hard work which was put in by Nazia!


Now it’s time for me to try her cakes and other desserts which have created a lot of hype too. So yeah can’t wait to order more 😀 Keep up the good work lady. You deserve the praise. To order from this page here’s the facebook link: Fresh Oven Bites



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