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Froggy Confesses That She Was Seeing Someone Before Sham’s Proposal!

Just about time when we were really happy about #Shroggy getting Nikkah-fied on the 31st December, Froggy made a shocking confession!

We all are aware that Froggy had initially rejected Sham when he had proposed her in October, earlier this year. So, in their recent Vlog, while sitting in the car, Froggy said to Shaam that she wants to confess something before the wedding takes place. She confessed that apparently before the engagement, she had been seeing a guy and it was pretty serious, they had plans to get married soon too. But when Sham proposed her the second time, she couldn’t say no and accepted it. Wait WHAAAT??

But Sham didn’t come easy either, and confessed that even he was seeing a girl after Froggy had rejected him the first time, to help him get over the rejection….

Yeh kia drama chal raha hai bhai? Koi halka hi nai utar raha! Thora aur masala add karte hoye, Sham said that Froggy knows that girl very well and he had been still speaking to her till a few days before.

Well, to this Froggy said she had been pranking and she has never spoken to any other guy than Sham, in the past 3 years. Umm… are you SURE!?!? Froggy was simply tearing apart and Sham couldn’t resist telling her that he has been pranking her too. He knew Froggy was lying and could never do such a thing. PHEW!

Okay now their pranks are getting too much to handle! Bhai jaldi 31st aaye aur in dono ki shaadi hojae bus… Phir karte rahe prank. 

No doubt these two make a wonderful couple, and their content gleams on their face. Cannot wait for their BIG day!


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