Guide To Style Up This Ramadan

Ramadan is already a blessed month; the month of blessings and spreading love. Ramadan season always have been busy for all of us with iftar and sehri dawats and invites. So this season Vogue Amour brings you the Style guide for this Ramdan. Featuring all the trending hit’s and Oh My God’s for this season. So pull up your best dress, look the best and be ready to enjoy some delicious iftar and sehri dawat’s.

Trendy Kurti’s:

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Whether these trendy kurti’s are worn by ladies or the cool teen age chicks, for us they always look the best for any occassion. Kurti’s have been a versatile style for Pakistani fashion. According to the high demand of kurti’s in our country our brands have launched a huge variety according to the seasons and occasions. Summer kurti’s have always been my favourite due to the vibrant colours and some glamorous designs. For me this one’s top the list! Add some vibrant colours to your Iftar’s 😉

Tulip Shalwars/Pants:

13254902_1040128889368111_7917002462590181960_o 13403177_1774106322819589_2710296302052151282_o

The OH MY GOD!! trend of the season. Tulip pants the very famous 80’s style is back in town with lots of different variations, designs and cuts. These are the best comeback trend so far for me. Its super comfy, super light and breezy for this scorching summer. The best part about them is that they look extremely stylish if you wear it with the right sense. Ahan i mean it! The traditional touch to your Ramadan 🙂

Luxury Lawn Collection:



Ahhhh!!! Who doesn’t know about the luxury lawn collections by brands hitting the stores throughout the year, sometimes in winters too hehehe… Okay sorry no offense! Yeah so some of the brands came out with some very unique and trendy designs and cuts which are very much comfortable to be worn in several occasions. Shalwar kameez is that part of fashion which enhances our culture yet make us look super beautiful and elegant. So not much to say about the lawn’s as we all are very well informed about them already. Wohho!

Khussa’s & Pathani Sandals :

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So the foot wear of the season award goes to non other than our Kundan and funky khussa’s!! *Claps*

Kundun khussa’s have been my personal favorite no doubt they have been obsession for everyone now a days. A lot of brands and online sellers have been selling them and i see people going crazy and drooling over them. These funky khussa’s are very casual to wear with your kurti’s and eastern wears they look super adorable but if you like to wear them formally too PLEASE GO AHEAD i am sure the kundan khussa’s will compliment your formal wear <3

Now comes the pathani style sandals they have been worn by many ladies out here but for me they do not look as feminine as they should have been looked. It’s style and design is not for delicate feet but still its the trending fashion of the season so of course we must experiment and give them a try.

Chickankari Kurta’s with Phulkari Dupatta’s:

247 georgette_phulkari_dupatta


This combination is to die for. I love plain chikenkari kurta’s along with these traditional phulkari dupatta’s they look so so so amazing and make you look like an urban chick. Voila!! They completely turn your personality so graceful. I guess i already own a lot of them in different designs even before it was trending. Ladies do try this hottest trend of the season!!!



Adding some style to your loose kurta’s would definitely take fashion to some other level. Just add up a belt to your waist and look super trendy. A lot of variety available in the market and if not than grab one from your old jeans and Taddaa!! There you go.



13173519_1762719257291629_7052946653807140589_o 13133180_1760503534179868_8583015064955361187_n

Scarfs have been the most favourite accessory for girls now a days, used in many various styles and reasons. Either to cover your head or wrap up your neck to brighten up your outfit. Scarf is the basic and very necessary accessory for ramadan so girls go grab some amazing trendy printed embroided scarfs. Huge variety awaits you all.

Urban Chick Fusion Accessories:

12885924_1741980449365510_1045867467366999698_o 13227823_1765954303634791_6206054712253692112_o

Last but not the least! the most important part of our attire, The accessories! To complete your look you need some good accessories to compliment your outfit and outlook. Honestly speaking I really like such fusion pieces of jewelry. They always compliment you in any way.

So my beautiful ladies out there follow these trends and look the best in this Ramadan season while you feast!

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Nageen Marfani

Written by Nageen Marfani

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