How To Pick The Right Cleanser For Your Skin?

One cannot emphasize enough on how important a Cleanser is in the Skincare routine. Just like a moisturizer, scrubber, mask and toner, a cleanser is equally significant. Many of us do not consider our skin type before we go for a certain cleanser, and that is the GREATEST mistake we make. Let’s have a look at what type of a cleanser will suit your skin:

Foam Cleansers

Suitable for: Oily/Acne-prone Skin

They create a foamy lather and are ideal to remove dirt, oils and makeup from the skin. However, they could dry out the skin but using a moisturizer right after can fight the dryness.

In the market: Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Wash, Olay Natural White Foaming Cleanser, Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser and more.

Cream Cleansers

Suitable for: Sensitive/Dry/Mature Skin

Cream cleansers tend to have a thick and moisturizing formula that also helps remove makeup. However, if you wear heavy makeup, it is advised to remove it first using a makeup remover. Some cream cleansers can also be applied directly on dry skin and wiped off with a cotton pad.

In the market: Clinique Comforting Cream Cleanser, Olay Brightening Cream Cleanser and more.

Gel Cleansers

Suitable for: Combination/Acne-prone Skin

Due to their gel-like formula, they’re perfect for deep cleansing. Also, they help clear clogged pores, remove excess oils and calm acne.

In the market: Stives Essentials, Clinique Wash Away Gel-Cleanser, Clean & Clear Morning Burst and so on.

Milk Cleansers

Suitable for: Dry/Normal/Mature

The gentle milky formula is best for removing all sorts of dirt, makeup and sebums from the skin. They aren’t harsh on the skin like other cleaners that include chemicals. It is suggested to massage them into the skin in upward motions and then wipe off using a cotton pad, as they are milk based, water does not remove them.

In the market: Bioderma Cleansing Milk. Nivea Cleansing Milk, Garnier Cleansing Milk and more.

Water Cleansers

Suitable for: All skin types

The new alternative for the regular cleansers are the, water cleansers, also known as, Micellar Water. As most cleansers, they remove makeup and dirt without drying or leaving the skin oily, and they also work as good toners. In order to use it right, soak a cotton pad with the cleanser and gently rub across your skin.

In the market: Bioderma Micelle Solution, Garnier Micellar Water and Neutrogena Hydro-Boost.

Hopefully, now you know which cleanser is right for you. If you wear heavy makeup, it is advised to always first remove makeup with a water cleanser and then use your regular cleanser. In the end, always moisturize your face for a smooth and hydrated skin. Happy cleansing folks!

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