How To Shop On A Budget?

Just as making music is an art, cooking Italian cuisine is an art, sculptures at Madame Tussauds is an epitome of art, my friends, shopping within a budget is an art too! Let’s take a glimpse of how you can master this art.

What? … . Your favorite store has just launched its new collection? Well, yes! It’s hard to resist the urge to buy the current trends, but remember, your motto has to be to save rather than splurge. Every collection newly launched is bound to get on sale sooner or later, wait till it drops for sale and there you go, you just saved yourself wallet from crashing. In addition to this, prioritize quality over quantity. When you shop, stock up on staples and they would give you an edge of style in a variety of ways. For instance, go for crisp white shirts, basic T-shirts, or a new pair of jeans as they never get outdated. Mixing and matching stuff can do wonders to your wardrobe. Pick that crisp white shirt we discussed, and pair it with a nice denim and distress jeans; you are good to go for a friend’s day out or in case of a formal event, that same white shirt can be paired with a bow-tie and voila, two down with one arrow. Price filtering can prove to be your ultimate savior whilst you hunt things online.

Don’t forget to set the maximum range as per your pocket; this way you would adhere to your budget and no such temptation of buying an item beyond your affordability would arise. Moreover, there is often a possibility of finding that similar item which has caught your eye on another portal, therefore double check items and compare the prices, who knows you could get a much better bargain? Play exchange and share with your family and friends. If you are bored of your old tops in your closet, do not discard, but exchange it with a sibling of yours or a friend who has got a great taste and you can grab some great items without getting heavy on your pocket. Most importantly, incorporating balance is the key; pair that, for instance, high-end sequined hi-low top with just a pair of jeans and flats. This way, it will make your top the highlight of your whole look and would make you chicly stand out, that too on a budget. Happy shopping!

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Zoha Khan

Written by Zoha Khan

Zoha Khan, gearing for Bachelors in Mass Communications. She is a freelance content writer and has contributed on Parhlo and Discover magazine. Currently, working on an E-book with writers across the globe.


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