Huda Beauty Lip Tins, Worth Your Money?

On 2nd November, Huda Beauty launched yet another ace product range of her’s, the Lip Tins. It is a limited edition gift set designed primarily to recreate Huda’s famous contoured lip look. Each set was created by herself to achieve the perfect ombre lip that we all drool over.

How does this new Huda’s creation look like:

The covetable lip-shaped tin is inspired by Huda’s perfectly contoured lips topped with a lip sheen. Overall, it is a cute packaging and definitely an unique idea to go about. Plus point, it looks pretty cool on the dressing table and can be used to store more lip colors or lip pencils.

What you’ll find in the set and what they’re to be used for:

  • 1 Lip Contour, to outline your pout.
  • 1 Liquid Matte mini, to paint your lips.
  • 1 Lip Strobe Mini, to create Kattan’s signature 3D effect on your lips.

In case you’re wondering, these tins are available in five different shades (yes, Huda created five different sets for us) out of which two, I couldn’t resist buying. Now that I’ve bought them and tried, you know what’s next. Don’t tell me you were actually wondering!? GUYS, my review (like duh):

So, as you’re aware of my love for nude colors, the first one that I had to get my hands on had to be Bombshell & Ritzy Strobe Tin:

  • Bombshell Liquid Matte: Personally heard many great reviews of this particular color but turned out to be very dark for my skin tone, as it has rustic undertones. Although, it can be used with smokey eyes or for everyday use but nah! still not my kind of shade. Coming to the texture, which is pretty smooth, light weight and has a strong staying power (YAS). Plus point, The deluxe size is definitely very travel friendly and also shaadi-friendly, fits in my clutch.
  • Ritzy Lip Strobe: It is a pretty rose champagne shade but makes the lips look extremely sparkly as it includes gold particles. Yep, not a big fan of gold specially on the lips. However, when applied together, it does make a good combination with bombshell liquid matte.
  • Bombshell Lip Contour: Huda Beauty Lip Contours are my all time favorite as they’re super pigmented. The shade is so wearable and so my type, as it goes with all my nude lip shades. The application is never a hassle even if the lips are dry as the texture is smooth. Not to forget, has a strong staying power and can survive throughout the day (and multiple meals).

And the other one is, a little towards the shade brown, (when will I ever step out of my comfort zone when it comes to lip colors!?) Trendsetter & Snobby Strobe Tin:

  • Trendsetter Liquid Matte: The most stylish brown shade I’ve come across and, this is one shade (I can promise) that would look flattering on almost all skin tones. To add, if you’re a nude-shade-addict like me, then this is the color that can be worn every day without worrying whether it will go with the color of your outfit or not (but I can’t say much about whether you’ll get bored of it soon or not).
  • Snobby Strobe: A dusty rose shade flecked with pink and gold pearls, basically the perfect gloss to top on any pink or nude lip color. But obviously, it looks exceptionally gorgeous topped on trendsetter. Might not give you that lip look on the tin but it does provide some definition to the lips.
  • Trendsetter Lip Contour: Again it is a beautiful brown and can be used to contour lips with any other lip color which may not necessarily be brown. It glides on effortlessly and on days when I don’t feel like wearing any lipstick, I just slightly fill my lips with the liner. Trust me, it gives the most natural-brown hue to the lips.

If you really want these cute tins in your life (I mean, in your vanity) but you’re still a little confused, here’s my final verdict to help you decide:

Huda Beauty has one of the best liquid lipstick formula, and same goes for their lip liners. I was a little hesitant to buy their lip strobes separately as I’m not a big fan of glossy lips but taking the risk this way, was totally worth it. The set includes everything you need to create your own version of the packaging but yeah not as perfect as that of Huda’s (obviously). No matter which shade you get your hands on, there’s no way you can go wrong with this set. Also, it’s a perfect gift for any lipstick hoarder, you’re welcome in case you wanted to get someone a gift (someone could be yourself too).

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Nageen Marfani

Written by Nageen Marfani

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