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Iftar Deals 2018 You Don’t Wanna Miss!

Ramadan without scrumptious iftar is definitely incomplete. We anxiously wait for iftar time to break our fast with some mouthwatering dishes, don’t we? With the growing trend of dining out, ifar-ing out has also been added to the trend. Here are some awesome deals you wouldn’t wanna miss this Ramadan:


  1. The Sauce: The perfect deal for a burger lover. 
  2. Hoagies: The cheese-affair for iftar.
  3. Rowtisserie: Minimal range yet filling platter!
  4. Howdy: Now that’s what you call a filling yet satisfying deal!
  5. Pizza Hut: Never gets old.
  6. Mc Donald’s: Always a life-saver option in Ramadan.
  7. Vintage On-The-Go: That’s definitely a steal deal, specially when you’re short on budget.
  8. Sicilian Pizza: It is all about pizza!
  9. OPTP: Always provides with the best family deals in town.
  10. Dunkin Donuts: A deal for all students who want to a grab an iftar on their way.
  11. K-Town Burger: If you’re a burger lover and so are your friends then, this one’s for you!
  12. Lals: Simple yet appealing deal.
  13. Pizza Point: Unbelievably low prices!
  14. Buon Cibo: That sounds interesting.
  15. Chaaye Khaana: Short on budget and looking for something simple, here you go!



  1. Chaupal: For all desi food lovers!
  2. Ranoush Villa: Damn, what a huge range, I don’t believe they’ve missed out any item.
  3. Kababjees: Never fails to impress with their quality and taste.
  4. Del Frio: Perfect buffet for hanging out with friends!
  5. Pizza Hut: Have a pizza-filled iftar.
  6. Cosmopolitan: Look for good food and ambiance, you can’t miss this one!
  7. The Valley: Now, that’s a scrumptious buffet.
  8. Pekhawar: It is all about traditional food.
  9. Vintage: If you haven’t tried their entire menu yet, this is the perfect chance to!
  10. Kolachi: Enjoy a lavish iftar with a beautiful view.
  11. Sultan: Royal menu awaits you at reduced prices!
  12. Kebabistan: A steal-buffet if you love desi Chinese!
  13. Chop Soy: All about continental food.

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