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Showcasing the new experiences.

The Indie Art and Craft has been a mega event for which arrangements have meticulously been made to ensure the crafters exhibiting could showcase their talent in the best possible way. The show can be best described by with vibrant hues and open arms and that which has actively been working to connect the crafter’s community to its buyers. And I had the pleasure, yet again, this year to experience the making of this grand event.

The event was designed to cater to women from all walks of life that pursued their passions in hopes of achieving the eternal satisfaction of living for one’s self. The show held at ‘The Royal Rodale Club’ housed one of the best produce handmade with love from independent artists, crafters, and innovators.

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Moreover, a pleasant welcome greeting for the buyers coming to the show was the infectious vibe that radiated from the warm souls of beautiful women exhibiting at the event. When I first walked into the Halls that housed the various stalls, I was greeted by women sporting a kind smile to anyone they locked eyes with, and to say the least, the warmth and the happiness was contagious.

The atmosphere was bursting with colors and the intimacy of handcrafts. I navigated my way across various halls and saw the beautiful hand works of crafters that I instantly fell in love with. From intricate strokes on canvases to digitally designed book covers; the show was heaven on earth for everyone and anyone who relishes in the aesthetics of life.

Hence, it would do justice to the crafters who are working so hard to be given their due shoutout; and this one is primarily focused on my top 10 new exhibitors at the Indie’18. The list is as follows:


  1. Artwork by Kehkashan:

The picture can never truly do justice to the artwork produced by this beautiful soul. Her canvases radiated with colors and the marked intelligence behind each stroke. The hues were vibrant and were eye candy for all those who passed by her stall. What stood out the most from all her artworks was the Calligraphy that would have anyone’s eyes fixated on them. I’ll be honest the pieces were too good to resist a few pictures and in me did Kehkashan found herself a big fan!

  1. Closet 11:

The crafter/mastermind behind Closet 11 truly left me in awe with all what they had to offer. From jackets sporting abstract designs to making crossbody bags with funky colors, this woman has gotten it together for all the right reason. Her crafts are drool-worthy and deserve a round of applause.

  1. Cioccolato:

The incredible baker behind Cioccolato was the first of the many stalls that I reviewed. On reaching her stall, I was greeted by a woman with a wide smile and a happy attitude. She willfully allowed me to take pictures of her stall and helped me along in rearranging a bit of the placement for the picture’s sake! And before I could say my goodbyes, I was generously offered the most delectable piece of chocolate I have ever had the fortune of eating! It was definitely a wonderful start to my day.

  1. Miryana:

Miryana was the first stall I made my stop at. I was welcomed by the sight of a couple standing behind the stall dealing with numerous amounts of customers making a stop for their products. This wasn’t a surprise either, for the organic product she offers is truly claimed as being free of any preservative and chemicals. From her activated charcoal clay mask to the pina colada lip scrub, everything the brand has to offer is loved by many. More power to the inspiring woman behind the Brand!

  1. Vogue Aesthetic:

Vogue Aesthetic – my baby brand also got it’s first chance to showcase at the Indie’18. Our brand offers worthy illustrated designs on notebooks, planner, recipe books, travelogues, stickers and so much more. We were also offering 10% discount on customized orders.

  1. Periwinkle accessories:

This crafter believes in the art of channelling her inner child and has hence created the most beautiful crafts and accessories to build the magical soul from within.  They are mostly known for their cutest hair accessories and the clips are as beautiful on the hair as they seem in the pictures. Do check them lovelies 🙂

  1. Creations of Tee:

Another artist doing what they do best! The stall occupied by Creations of Tee housed a number of beautiful paintings and handmade pieces of jewelry. The portraits ranged from their uses of the softest of hues to the vibrant of shades and the artist behind knew just the perfect blend of both combined. Words fall short for me when it comes to describing an artwork that is only meant for the eyes. All in all, they are your one-stop shop for home and self-decor!

  1. Marked Crafters:

The Brainchild behind this brand advocate for a very unique concept. Marked Crafters are all about turning ordinary households items into something magical and extraordinary. At the Marked Crafter’s stall, I came across some pretty handcrafted notebooks, plushies, and baskets. It was a beautiful sight to behold when you see young women at work paving their way through a life of greatness and success.

  1. Karamah:

The stall booked by Karamah was visible from across the room through the naked eye, due to the fact that it was cushioned with pillows (pun intended) decorated by the intricacy of digital art. The pillows coupled with beautiful bookmarks quoted a few words by Rumi and those by far were my favorite pieces from the entire collection. The collection was definitely a sight for sour eyes!

  1. Sweeductions:

    Sadaf Yasir is as sweet as all that she deals with, and she had quickly become popular amongst the crowd, for all the right reasons. Turning her passion and creativity into a flourishing business, I found my way to her stall and did not waste even a second before I gobbled down her fudgy and gooey brownies. And My oh my, I haven’t have had so rich yet so heavenly in the longest time now, and as I write this, I am definitely craving for another round at her stall. Her Homemade oven fresh goodies range also included some delectable Banana Bread, delicious brownies, Nutella filled and peanut butter cookies. Although I couldn’t get my hands on all the goodies she had to offer, I knew I would have equally enjoyed everything as much as the brownies.

It was refreshing to see crafters with such passion and creativity come together on a single platform and gain their due recognition. The Indie Art and Craft show have given such crafters an amazing opportunity to build themselves a source of income, and that my friends is how you give back to your community.

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