Interview With Aimen Asghar

      Hey Aimen, we are more than glad to have you here with us. Please tell us about yourself and how you started your brand?

I don’t have any particular brand
I am a blogger basically and a self taught makeup artist.???? @makeupbyaimen_

      We are sure it isn’t an easy task but would you like to tell us how you manage your work and personal life together?

I am currently studying and haven’t entered the professional life yet so, taking out time is kind of easy. 

      Oh then it’s great. However, did you ever struggle in your life and what lesson did you learn from it?

Yes being a blogger you get many hate as well as good comments. I believe in taking the hate as positive criticism and don’t let it override me.
The most important lesson I’ve learnt is to be patient.

      Well, that’s true. Tell us about your brand and what future plans do you have for your venture?

I don’t have any brand in particular.
My future plan is to be a makeup artist.????
Creating makeup looks on anyone is my passion and will become a fine best makeup artist.???? in future INSHAALLAH.

       Love your dedication! What challenges do you face the most?

I believe in practicing a lot and today, that is what has made me perfect.

      Do you face any difficult clients? Share any few funny memories with your clients?

Not any difficulties in particular, I basically enjoy doing my work and alter my services as per the needs of my clients. I make sure every client leaves with satisfaction and a smile on their face.

      In your belief, what is that one most important advantage of your field?

The significant advantage of my field is that I can do provide my makeover services to those who cannot afford high priced makeup artists, and this way I’m also able to earn return on my efforts.

       That’s such a nice thought. What advice you would like to pass to the people who are opting for this field?

I would love to advice them to be patient and keep working hard. Do lots of practice because practice makes the man perfect and this will eventually lead you to become one of the best makeup artists.????

       Do you feel there are any drawbacks of your field?

There are no drawbacks in my concern! As I believe, if you enjoy doing something you are good enough to turn all drawbacks to your strengths.

       So Aiman, which by far is your best creation?

I have created many makeup looks but I think the ‘cloud eye makeup’ which I did, is trending  and so far is my best creation. I absolutely love to try the trending looks.

       We loved that creation too. What makes your makeup services different from all other makeup artists in the market?

I mostly used branded makeup which is a huge distinction, as  many other makeup artists use fake makeup or poor quality makeup which fail to give a flawless look on clients.

       That’s great. We would love to hear what you feel about our e-magazine Vogue Amour?

It is the best magazine to me, it is very informative about all the trends in makeup, clothing, food, lifestyle and what not. It is always worthwhile to read all the blogs.

      That’s so sweet of you. Would you like to give any message to our founder, Nageen Marfani?

I simply love your venture, I am a makeup artist and blogger and would love to be featured in your magazine. This will give me an opportunity to be known by many of your readers and followers.
My page name :@makeupbyaimen_

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