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Exclusive Interview With Muneeza khan – CEO Vintage Nerd

       Hey Muneeza, we are very glad to interview you. Please tell us about yourself and how you started your brand?

I’m a full time artist with a and gold medal in textile design and visual arts from the department of visual studies, KU!. I graduated in 2009 and worked in the field on an off till 2015. After going through something life changing in 2015, that’s when I decided I would channel all of my engery into creating a brand for my own art, so on 29th April 2016 The Vintage Nerd was born. A brand that revolves around who I am as an artist, my growth and evolution in the field. I make mandalas, landscapes and handpainted magnets and my signature seascapes are well known Alhumdullilah. I’m also a digital artist (self taught) and I also make digital paintings and designs and get them printed on tshirts, laptopsleeve covers, cushions and as mattflex posters.

       That’s quite inspiring Muneeza, being a working woman how do you manage your work and personal life together?

I give both the aspects of my life equal importance. Alhumdullilah, I have my little art studio within my own home so I easily balance both aspects accordingly.

      That’s great. Did you ever struggled in your life and what lesson did you learn?

I did. I struggled really badly in 2 instances of my life where I was in such a predicament that I knew for sure that it was the end of the road for me. But I realized that life isn’t just about me, it’s also about the people left within your life that you need to fight for, stand up for and move on for. My greatest lesson learned to date is the fact that life goes on.

       Wow! we are sure this will give a lot of hope to many. So tell us about your brand and what future plans do you have for your venture?

My brand is an art brand. Its unconventional because I make and share art that I personally feel moves me and inspires me. I also do customized artwork. Currently in the very near future I have 3 exhibitions coming up inshaAllah. You’ll find The Vintage Nerd at the upcoming TCE18 event, The French bazaar and finally the Elan bazaar.

       Can’t wait to visit you at your events! Tell us what challenges do you face the most?

Of figuring out what people want. Art differs in meaning from person to person so being an artist, that to running a commercial brand that’s a constant struggle faced.

      Do you face any difficult clients/customers? Share any few funny memories with your clients?

Oh yes! Lots of times. People want massive scale work and don’t even consider that an art degree costs money, that art material isn’t free and that everyone has a right to charge for their time and creativity and skill that they put into every piece. I’ve had a lot of experiences when the customer thought I needed their unsolicited advise on the rates that I offer, the thing is, I don’t force anyone to come to me, if you’re coming to me you must be coming because you know I never compromise on quality and hard work and that all my pieces are a 100% made with love, so if you can’t pay the asked price then it’s okay to decline politely and move on. I never hold that against anyone. I’ve always believed that Rizq comes from Allah. But yes lots of people do waste your time and the unsolicited comments sometimes turn into haggling, which quiet frankly is embarrassing.

       We can completely understand what you go through but we are equally proud of you and we are sure there must be some advantages too being an artist, please share anyone advantage of your field?

That I will leave a legacy behind. My work has my soul in it. It’s my ultimate legacy, even after I’m gone it will be there, hanging in peoples home or sitting on their shelves or tables or stuck to their fridges lol.

       Ahan, impressive! What advice you would like to pass to the people who are opting for this field?

Passion, patience and perseverance! Hold these 3 tightly and work as hard and as honestly as you can.

       Noted Madam! Let us know the drawbacks of your field?

Anyone can copy your work, they can take photos of your work and use them asking others to create cheap replicas of it. Also its art, it’s a niche market. Not everyone is looking to decorate their place every day. So it’s a slow market.

      Which is your best creation so far?

My seascapes. Without a doubt I feel a sense of love, awe and pride with every piece that I make.

       We too love them! What makes your brand different from all other brands belonging to the same niche?

Me. I put my heart and soul into all that I create, with sincerity! So when you place an order with The Vintage Nerd your ordering something that comes from within me, a part of my soul. I’m extremely passionate about arts.

       We can actually see your reflection in your work, so proud! Let us know what you feel about our e-magazine Vogue Amour?

Its amazing! I think it’s an amazing collection of so many thing all in one that its versatile and for everyone out their. So kudos to you guys for creating such a huge, versatile and creative platform for all of us

      Any message for our founder, Nageen Marfani?

I love you! I look upto you and I think you are the definition of hardwork and conviction!! May you be blessed with even more success in all that you do.

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