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Exclusive Interview With Quratulain – CEO Ain Crafts

      Tell us about yourself and how you started your brand?

I am Quratulain Atique. 29 years old and married with two babies. I have graduated in masters of psychology. Currently, I am a full-time house wife along with running three brands as a home-based entrepreneur; Ain Crafts , Twinkling Treasures By Ain and Craft Bags by Ain. Each and every brand is different from one another but my main domain is crafting.

I am very passionate about crafting since childhood and started my craft business in 2010. I have done several exhibition like T9Y, Elan Women of Talent, Crafters Expo and several other events.
Alhumdullillah I am at the stage where I am able to sponsor small events and meetups.
I have catered almost 1000+ orders and still working on more.

      Wow! You are a superwoman. So being a working woman, how do you manage your work and personal life together?

When you are passionate about your work, you will take out time for it and this is my motivation to work. As I am a housewife and full time mommy so I have to available 24/7 for children and sometimes it gets difficult to cater the flow of orders and house all along. I have hired team members who work for me on commission basis so I am trying my best to manage all the things efficiently.

      Did you ever struggle in your life and what lesson did you learn?

Ahh my favourite question.

Yes, few years back, as a beginner I faced alot of issues in terms of platform, marketing, pricing, being copied and betrayed by clients . I didn’t get any guidance at that time as there was not a trend of buy and sell groups, women groups, small events, meetups etc so it was difficult then to get new clients.

I learned one thing in my journey that whatever you know and learn, give it to others either free or paid . This actually pushes you to invent , craft, think about new products. It’s an opportunity for you to learn new things and experiment. So I usually write articles for newbies once in a while on my blog.

       That’s inspiring! Tell us about your brand and what future plans do you have for your venture?

I run three different ventures. First is Aincrafts, it’s a plastic canvas craft. For this, I want to conduct classes for it and I am currently working on it deciding place, cost and other feasibility.
My second one is Twinkling Treasures by Ain and it deals in all kinds of giveaways. Planning to take part in upcoming exhibitions and working on new designs and giveaways.

The third is a baby venture right now. Crafts Bags by Ain. It actually provides all the necessary craft supplies for a specific project specially for children ages 3 to 10 years.

       Good luck for your future plans Quratulain. Tell us about the challenges you face the most?

Time management and digital marketing are the biggest challenge for me right now. I don’t get time to be active and posting on social media. So I am planning to hire a social media manager for me.

     We can understand your pain.  Do you face any difficult clients/customers? Share any few funny memories with your clients?

Ahh alot ..
Once someone ordered at Aincrafts for name keychains. They asked why it was so neat and properly stitched. I told her the tricky geniunely and after few days she was started her own business with same products.

The lady ordered me around 300 Bidh boxes with filling. All the details had been discussed on phone. Once they received, they complained about filling items which were already discussed but they abused me like hell. I showed them the screenshots of the messages and chat.

       That’s actually very sad! But if there is some downside I am sure there is a positive side too, what is the one advantage of your field?

It’s not restricted to one kind of products. There is a lot of space for progress. You can introduce alot of things to the market as a giveaways. The exciting part is that when ever you feel there is a deadend like no progress in sales . You can work on new project and introduce in the market.

      What advice you would like to pass to the people who are opting for this field?

Be creative and be original. This is the only way to make a place on social media market. Else you can only survive for a months or year. One cannot run in a long term if you copy others.

       Well said! Let us know the drawbacks of your field?

Competitions. Your products get easily copied and people would literally selling below cost price. One need to work hard to maintain the position in the market.

      Which is your best creation so far?

I put my heart and soul in each creation so all are my best products.

      What makes your brand different from all other brands belonging to the same niche?

I get inspiration from my fellow crafters, Google and Pinterest. I love to introduce new products in the market while most of the people work as a copy cats.

      Let us know what you feel about our e-magazine Vogue Amour?

It’s a digital era. People are more into digital sides rather than newspapers or magazines. So it’s a good initiative and according to the need of the audience. Spot on and right on time.

      Any message for our founder, Nageen Marfani?

More power to her. Working for community and giving a platform for the homeprenuers like me is definitely a great step.

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