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Exclusive Interview With Sadaf Yasir – Sweeductions

The face behind Sweetductions.

       Hello Sadaf, so good to have you here! Please tell us about yourself and how you started your brand?

I am a wife and mom-preneur to two amazing kids, a 6-year old daughter and 16 months son, Ma Sha Allah. I am a MBA Marketing graduate from CBM with a decade of corporate brand experience so, basically my background relates to corporate marketing and branding. After my second kid, I decided to be a stay-home mom and start something of my own. Once my little one turned 8 months old, I finally got the courage to take a step to start my own venture – Sweeductions. Allah has blessed me in multiple ways and Sweeductions is growing Alhamdolillah.

       That’s quite inspiring! Being a working woman, how do you manage your work and personal life together?

I have designated work hours which are usually during early morning after my daughter leaves for school and husband leaves for work. I try winding up, sorting work and baking before my little one wakes up. My orders and delivery schedules are prioritized and planned accordingly.

       That’s so cool! Did you ever struggle in your life and what lesson did you learn?

Yes definitely, I believe if you don’t get to struggle, you don’t learn. Each struggle makes one stronger, smarter and well adapted to face all kinds of challenges. My struggles have been being a working corporate woman, homemaker and mother, adapting and managing these roles all together and not letting anything go astray. However, losing a child has also taught me a lot in life and made me stronger than I could ever imagine being. Starting a home-based business with two kids also had its struggles but, Alhamdolillah I have always taken it as a challenge to come out better and make the most of it.

       You’re such an inspiration, tell us more about your brand and what future plans do you have for your venture?

My brand Sweeductions has been like home to me, a very dear part of me as I love baking, cooking and feeding people. I believe food is the best form of sharing love and happiness. People who eat together especially desserts are the best people and the ones who can feed such people are blessed. Sweeductions offers homemade oven fresh goodies which includes banana breads, brownies and cookies. I surely plan to take the menu ahead and spread the brand in Sha Allah.

       That sounds great! Usually, what challenges do you face the most?

People don’t usually consider the effort that goes in baking homemade items. They compare bakery commercial products’ prices with those of homemade ones. By doing this they devalue the effort, love and time we especially put in for them. Made to order at home and those made in a commercial environment have an obvious difference in cost. Customers want cheap price and hygienic homemade products. Also, the delivery charges cause issues at times even though it might cost them higher if they drive to an outlet two ways or pick it from our home. Lastly, market saturation is huge, everyone is doing almost everything!

      Do you face any difficult customers? Please share any few funny memories with your clients?

I don’t usually share customer stories but there is this one customer who has eleventh hour cravings at really weird timings, usually when delivery isn’t really possible but it’s pretty natural and we laugh over it.

There is one who always orders midnight deliveries and I have to be continuously on phone with details because the surprise has to be received by her mom or dad. So, its funny yet fruitful, as we bring a smile on their faces.

       That’s so nice. Tell us one most significant advantage of your field?

Control, homemade business gives mompreneurs control over authority and the ability to master and provide what they are amazing at. Be it baking or anything else that she is good at. And well, desserts are love and there is always room for desserts.

       Definitely! What advice you would like to pass to the people who are opting for this field?

Plan and organize well, when you’re done with that, take the risk!
A plunge into the risk is absolutely necessary to test your waters but always be smart and have backup plans, as they are necessary. Budget it well and just be humble, humbleness and kindness will always take you a long way. Make sure to always thank Allah and never lose respect, and also give respect to customers as they are top priority. Strike a balance in everything you do and always put love in what you do, this way you will never feel burdened.

       Such a lovely advice. Are there any drawbacks of your field?

Yes, limited resources with respect to time and labor.
Such as, outsourced riders and deliveries and increasing costs of fuel.
Expiry dates of edible products are also an issue.

       In your opinion, which is your best creation so far?

  • Nutella brownies,
  • Espresso Banana Bread (it’s a perfect coffee balance),
  • Stick-a-donut,
  • Lemon Bars,
  • MnM Peanut-butter Nutella filled Cookie Bars,
  • Peanut Choco Blossoms.
    All my menu apart from the basic banana bread has been something new!

       Yum, can’t wait to try. What makes your brand different from all other brands belonging to the same niche?

I believe, the love and passion is what makes us different from each other.
The packaging is also very unique, that’s also what I love doing, I love crafting as well. So, I make sure I deliver my goodies in beautiful packages for all my lovely customers.

      Aww, that’s lovely. Let us know what you feel about our e-magazine Vogue Amour?

Vogue Amour is genuine. It’s different and it’s honest, it covers stories and ideas from a very unique perspective and that’s what makes it stand out.
I adore its values such as honesty and passion as well.

       Thank you, for such kind words. Any message for our founder, Nageen Marfani?

Nageen Marfani is simply love.
She is honest, humble, passionate and the most beautifully amazing person I have ever met and heard talking.
Some people are such great talkers that you could learn and listen to them for hours.
If beauty and brains had a face, it definitely has to be Nageen!

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