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Is Fresh Oven Bites Opening Up Their Own Cafe? (Exclusive Interview)

Fresh Oven Bites have the most loved brownies in K-Town and the face behind it is Nazia. She is an extremely hardworking mother pursuing her passion of baking and providing us the opportunity to munch on the most delightful, scrumptious and gooey brownies in Karachi. The most amazing thing about her is that she never took any classes or courses but crafted this art just because of her love of baking and fondness of looking up recipes and trying them at home for friends and family. I am a big fan of her brownies and I am sure you all must be looking forward to ordering for yourselves as well by the end of this interview. Happy reading!

NM: We have never witnessed such scrumptious brownies in K-town. Please tell us about your secret recipe?

Thankyou so much! Super flattered as always! The secret when it comes to baking is always practice and consistency. It’s really important to make sure that each batch you bake is more or less the same, not only in terms of taste, but in terms of texture as well.

NM: That certainly sounds great. Nazia, you are the queen of brownies, tell us about your journey with Fresh Oven Bites?

I started roughly about two years back, it was more of a hobby than a business at the time. I never imagined that starting so small would lead to something like this! I definitely did not expect such an overwhelming feedback, realistically speaking I never planned to make a business out of this but here we are! The truth is, I would have never made it this far if it wasn’t for the amazing clients/community that have always supported me.


NM: You have had a very inspirational journey. Are you planning to offer more variety in desserts under your banner?

In the long run, I would definitely like to increase my variety, but that will definitely take me some time.

NM: We can’t wait! You are a super mom and a baker from the profession, how do you manage both your responsibilities?

It was a little tough in the beginning, especially when the business started to expand and I had to dedicate more time to it; but eventually, you learn how to find the right balance. Its always a little tricky in the start, but things fall into place as time passes and once you have a more stable routine.

NM: Ahan, this is a nice tip for all the mother entrepreneurs. How do you manage such bulk orders on daily basis, do you have some robots working for you?

I wake up really early in the morning! I do have a helper, but I wont lie when I say I take on most of the work myself. Usually my entire day is spent in the kitchen which is why I try to get up really early so I can start my work as soon as possible, and make it out of the kitchen at a decent hour.

NM: No doubt you are a very hardworking woman. How about a Fresh Oven Bites café? Karachiites would love this idea.

Hopefully soon! I do plan on expanding, just depends on how well the circumstances are!

NM: Yay, I just can’t wait for it. What are the most important skills to have as a baker?

This may sound funny, but as a baker, the most important thing is patience and tolerance. Not only in terms of baking but when dealing with people also. It’s really important to have good communication skills if you want your business to expand. You’ll always need to put the client first, and make sure that they’re respected and feel welcomed. You should always know how to be kind and approach your clients with a positive attitude, even if you’ve had a rough day.

NM: Do your children steal brownies from your kitchen, cause we would love to do that?

They’re definitely not allowed to steal, but always end up getting their hands on any leftovers that are in the kitchen once all of my orders are sent out!

NM: Haha, lucky them! Will you be coming out with monthly subscriptions for Karachiites, or maybe a subscription for life? We are too tempted and addicted to your brownies.

Again, I would definitely like to make some change, subscriptions which may be included, but that will require some time to set up and for me to be able to manage.

NM: That’s cool. How was your experience with Vogue Amour?

Amazing, as always! Nageen has always been very kind-hearted and welcoming, and working with her has always been more than a pleasure & a good experience! Thank you so much, very flattered that you approached me for this interview! Really hope that it helps any start-up home-based bakers!

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