Karachi Wedding Festival 2018

Oh where to begin, the name I believe, has already led your mind to an absolute extravaganza. And it sure was one! Living in a country that is enriched with a culture in which we all look forward to traditional weddings, be it clothes, decor, jewelry and what not. Aanch Events were yet again back with a successful event that helped people plan their ‘big day’ in a much easier way, by having all most everything under one roof!

Before I take you through a glimpse of the events and the brands that were present, let me talk about a very thoughtful ‘Bloggers Meet-up’ that took place before the festival. It was held at the Karachi Ladies Club, and was made possible with a collaboration between Aanch Events and Easel Bay. It wasn’t just a regular meet-up but a totally different experience, we were all required to paint and let our heart out on a canvas. It was such a blissful experience, and not to forget we were pampered with some relaxing spa services too! Also, how can I forget the scrumptious Hi-Tea.

Let’s get back to the event that has proved to be one of the most successful events of the year and has definitely made history. Every little thing related to a wedding festivity was there, from wedding planners to dresses to jewelry and what not. I kid you not, going through all the stalls made me wanna get married ASAP (just to dress up and all, of course). If you don’t believe me, let me take you through the stalls:


Beautiful is an understatement, their collection of clutches was simply phenomenal! I wanted to get all of them and couldn’t stop imagining which one would go with which outfit of mine. Their clutches could be paired with any simple outfit and it would simply uplift your entire outfit game, trust me on this.

Aneesa Unus

What is to think of a wedding outfit without jewelry? And literally, her collection makes me wanna get a nice pair of jewelry first and then prepare an outfit accordingly. Sounds crazy? Well, that’s how intricately beautiful her collection is. That Turkish and Egyptian touch in her jewelry and her extremely cooperative customer guidance creates a cannot-help-but-purchase situation.


May it be brides or anyone, we all look for a super comfortable nightwear that is trendy as well (who minds a late night dessert outing in PJs). Meemseen, is a brand that one can swear by when it comes to comfy nightwear, oh and also I love their fun prints. They also customize, so you can definitely get one for your best friend (or give her the idea instead, haha).


They simply add colors and enrich the culture at every festival with their delicately hand-painted collection of frames, lanterns, trays, tissue boxes and much more. One can never avoid truck art, I mean it is so eye-pleasing that one cannot miss it. Traditional, classy, artsy, if these are your favorite qualities, this brand will definitely win your heart!


A newbie designer brand launched their exclusive collection ‘Meri Desi Look’ at the festival and the crowd couldn’t help but drool over. Their choice of material, colors, embroidery and everything, was simply outstanding. Their display included a pure Indian tissue dupatta that I still cannot stop imagining and get over its beauty!

Cosmetic Closet

What is wedding shopping (or ANY shopping) without makeup!? Asal color tou makeup add karta hai in life, haha. They simply had every makeup brand: ELF, Benefit, Huda Beauty, Anastasia and the list goes on. Not only did they’ve all brands but they’d the LATEST collection as well, they’ve made it so much easier to shop the latest makeup in the market.


It filled my heart with content to see how the intellectually challenged students glittered up the event with their handmade products. The products included: Mugs, Pillows, Wedding Cards, Cake Poppers, and stunning Bangle Sets. Their little effort added a unique spark to the event, hence a little purchase by us meant the world to them!

One more thing that made me very happy was that not only women but men attended the festival too, which is definitely an achievement!

Spotlight: Jibran Nasir also attended the event and showed immense support to all entrepreneurs.

To wrap up, we definitely need such events to help brands bring out their creativity as well as for the ease of people to find the right thing in the right place. Looking forward to many more successful initiatives by Aanch Events that bring out the hidden talent and a great opportunity.

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