Launch of Marina Homes – Islamabad

Conceptualized in 1997, Marina Home Interiors is a home-grown interiors retail chain based in Dubai and operating in eight countries worldwide. Having entered Pakistan first in Lahore back in January last year, Marina Home has now opened its doors in Islamabad’s Abparra Market. Sprawling in nature and located in the biggest shopping malls in the UAE, Marina Home is a household name synonymous with quality, creativity and a strong aspirational value.


The launch of the newest showroom was celebrated vibrantly on the 25th of October, 2016 amongst the inner circles of local residents, interior designers, and architects; the first to experience the new ‘Destination of ‘Discovery’.


Marina Home’s forte is the sensible fusion of modern & rustic, avant-garde & exotic, contemporary & vintage, creatively put together epitomizing a new realm of co-existence in design. A display of cross-cultural influences, Marina Home creates a true eclectic ambience seamlessly blending design with functionality. Marina Home brings fusion to home decor.


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