Makeup Struggles Every Girl Goes Through

Whether you agree with it or not, we’ve all struggled with makeup. Putting on makeup perfectly has been one of the greatest struggles for the female existence. And now with every other person contouring their way across social media, makeup standards have been higher than ever. But of course, struggle makes one perfect. Here are some common blunders we have made in the process:

1.Those impossible-to-take-off dark lipsticks: We all love to go for dark lip colours, but removing them becomes the worst nightmare.

2. Cakey foundation: We all tend to mess up with our foundation while in a hurry, and it ends up looking like we’re wearing 1000000 layers of it.

3. Mascara menace: That one sneeze while the mascara is still wet, can make us lose our temper faster than anything in the world!

4. Lipstains of teeth: That’s how much I love lipsticks that I eat. Just kidding, where’s the tissue at?

5. Trying to follow makeup tutorials: You gotta agree to this that we’ve all failed (at least) once at following a tutorial. Damn, even I used the same shade but how come it looks good on the artist and not on me?

6. When your everyday lipstick breaks: Basically, legit heartbreak.

7. Rubbing your eyes while kajal is on: We’ve all done this and the moment we realize, our heart skips a (or more) beat. Cleaning it off involves another level of struggle.

8. Blush issues: Why does my right (or left) cheek always get more of the blush. WHY?? Ok, fine, let’s just make it equal.

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